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    Strange Virtual Keyboard Issue. Please help?

      Hello there.

      I recently upgrade my mother's nook simple touch to the HD+. Setup went ok, connected online and registered it for her, added some reading materials, etc. Everything seemed fine.

      Now she is four hours north of me, and only about two weeks later, she wanted to connect to her wifi. It saw her signal, strength was great, etc. The problem; apparently, the virtual keyboard is malfunctioning?

      She is on the alphabet keyboard, and beings to type in her password - the first few letters are 'GOBL'. She types 'G', a G appears, she types 'O'...and a '7' appears. Each keystroke gives her a random combination switching between letters and numbers (though she is not changing any settings between keystrokes, and the keyboard remains in the alpha mode). It isn't random either - every time, when the 'O' is pressed, a 7 shows up instead - the characters are consistently showing up as the wrong ones.

      She cannot use the keyboard for anything because of this, including getting online. Most all of the features I upgraded for (for over double the price), are unavailable to her. Has any one heard of the virtual keyboard going haywire like this just after purchasing? Any idea if there's some reason other than a bad unit that this would occur?

      Suggestions are appreciated, as after I tested it fully myself and it seemingly worked fine, it was sent home with her. It is a rather extreme inconvenience for me to retrieve it to attempt to return it (I'm not even sure this is an option, as the receipt mentions a whopping '14 days' return/exchange period even with the recipt - but that's another issue).

      Thanks much for any help!