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    False low battery?

      I did a search and don't see this problem, if it is one, so here's a new post.


      I was reading in my HD at lunch today. When I started, the battery was at 48%. About a half hour later the low battery warning came on saying I was at 15%! Now that's unusual for my HD. So, I shut if off since I had another 4 hours of work and didn't want it to drain completely. When I got home, I started it up and the battery was at 43%!! Now that's very unusual. 


      Anybody else having low battery warnings that are most probably bogus? Or is it possible that my naturally magnetic personality is recharging the HD when it's turned off? :smileyvery-happy: I use Battery Doctor when I charge. Maybe the app was feeling lonely and neglected? 


      Any ideas/suggestions/WAGs are greatly appreciated.

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          That's happened to me the last couple of days.  I charge up my nook to 100% and then I read for about an hour.  Then I get a warning saying my battery is about to be at 0% and then the screen goes dark as if it was turned off.  It then boots itself back up and I check my battery status and it's about 91%. 


          I have no idea what the issue is.

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              This kept happening to me over a series of weeks.

              I ended up calling customer service-they had me reset my Nook t the factory settings; that still didn't solve the problem.

              They ended up sending me a replacement Nook.

              No issues since the replacement a month ago.

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              Having same problem, where all of a sudden displays battery critically low; when I did turn off and back on battery power back to @ 45% where it was previously but than drained alot faster after that even with the Wi-fi turned off.