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    How come?


      How come only about half of my Ultra Violet movies show up as playable on my HD? The other half say not supported, but they show up as playable on services such as Vudu,Flixter and Target Ticket just to name a few.

      Also some of my UV movies don't have the thumbnail pic. Just a blue tab with the flims name on it

      It's not really a big deal, but it just bugs me....

      Anybody else running into this?

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          Any company selling Ultraviolet movies has to obtain the rights to sell those movies digitally.  Nook, being a relatively new player to UV, doesn't have as large a library as Vudu and Flixster.  And even between those two companies there are some movies that are incompatable with each other. 


          There are always new releases and older films being added all the time so the list keeps growing.  It is still comparably small, but compared to Nook Video's launch last year it is already much much bigger.  My only gripe is that the TV show selection isn't growing much at all  :smileysad:


          Be glad that you CAN play movies through other players on your Nook, it's one of the reasons I like UV  :smileyhappy: