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      So with the new 2.1 Update (I just got mine a few hours ago), is there now a way where we can make sure apps are closed?



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          What do you mean 'closed'?


          Go to Play Store and find an App Manager App. That'll let you see what's running and what's not and close apps that are running when you don't want them running.

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            You would need to download the app called "app killer"  it will show what is running that you can kill.  It's .99 at B & N.  Not sure if it's at google play or not.  Best little program I have purchased.  I had games that you played once and after exiting them, they were still running.  A few that after being killed, they showed right back up again.  I uninstalled them totally.

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              Thanks :smileyhappy:


              Got Advanced Task Killer for free through the Play Store. It stays at the top in notification bar for easy open :smileyhappy:

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                  DoreenPV, agreed, it's a shame when developers don't let users just close apps.


                  A lot of the times the apps arent' even doing anything useful. Just downloading ads and uploading data etc. They should definitely make it so apps can't run in the background without specific permission.