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    weird pop-ups & install blocked messages

      For about a week I have been seeing the "install blocked" messages when I wake up my nookhd+. I hit ok cuz I didn't start an install & sometimes it goes to googleplay screen. But for last 2 days it goes to a pic of a kid with a bull & it says funnykids.com. I tried removing files that I don't need & uninstalling some play apps, but that didn't help. What is this? Should I be worried? Can I make it stop?
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          This is on a HD+ btw. Sorta disappointed no one is responding. Hope whatever this is isn't damaging my tablet. Maybe I didn't tag it right or something, this is my 1st post.
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              Maybe the reason nobody has responded is because it's a new one to us!  I haven't had this problem or read of anyone else having the problem....

              Funnykids.com seems to be a web page linked to some books- it doesn't look that malicious.

              If I type Funnykids into google play, a whole bunch of Apps show up.  No kid with a bull on any of the icons though.

              It seems as though someone tried to download an app or a program from a web page and it was unsuccessful and the device keeps looping.


              The way to completely resolve this is to wipe the device and start again - de-register and re-register using the settings cog.  In doing this, you lose sideloaded content, app progress and have to re-enter passwords, so make sure you have all that backed up on your pc before you go ahead and de-register the device.  When you re-register your B&N content is automatically loaded, and you have to sideload anything else you have lost.

              Good luck with resolving this

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                  Thank you, sorry if I seem impatient. I had a nook color for 3 years. Loved it, never a problem. Went into b&n to get a new charger for it & the hd+ was on sale, too good to pass up. Since newer apps were not available on color, I got this. Had problems from week 1. Overheating, getting stuck on startup are 2 biggies. I have de & re registered this thing (& lost all my son's progress in his favorite game apps along with my gallery) so many times that if this thing is simply annoying & not harmful it's not worth it. Btw- it overrides the notification "off" setting & pings all night long. Since I use an alarm app I won't just leave it in another room. I believe this came from a free google app I had, which I have since deleted. My son cannot download so I know he didn't try an install. Again, thank you for your suggestion, & apologies if I offended.