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    Wireless on a pop up login page

      Hello everyone ! I was hoping to get some help with an issue I am having. I am deployed to Iraq and have access to wireless internet. On my iPhone, it works just fine. I access the wireless, it pops up a login page and works. The same thing on my laptop. I recently updated to the latest software (1.2) in hopes it would help my Nook Color connect. It will in fact access the wireless access point, but the browser will not pop up. Here is what I have tried so far. I have tried typing in the address to login. I have tried even typing the url to their support page which does not require a login. I have changed the browser to mobile and desktop. I have enabled pop ups as well. The only thing it will do is access the wireless. It will not let me go to the login page, and it will not let the page pop up either. Is there anything else I could try to get it going? I would greatly appreciate it !