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    Can't upload file due to encryption.xml

      When I upload my book, I get this error message:  "We have found a file name called encryption.xml within your ePub file container, which means that part of, or all of, your file is encrypted. We do not accept any encryptions within ePub source files. Upon closing this message, please remove the encryption.xml file from your ePub, and you may attempt to upload your ePub file again."


      I have looked in the files that are included in the epub, but there is none called "encryption.xml."  How do I find it, and how do I eliminate it?


      The epub file was created with Adobe InDesign, and as far as I know none of it is encrypted.



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          Do you have the book in a Word document saved as .doc? If so, upload that. If not, try to get your book into Word, .doc. and upload it. I don't know what Pubit picked up, but it may be a file that is hidden from view.
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            After at lot of frustration I fount a post to not imbed any fonts in the export from InDesign. Under the EPUB Export Options - Contents tab uncheck Includable Embeddible Fonts and it should work.

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              You could crack open the ePub, unzip it essentially and look in the meta folder and delete the encryption file. Then rezip the ePub, run epub check and you should be good.

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                InDesign automatically adds encryption.xml and encrypted fonts (which it is supposed to do). You can delete these, if you want to simply let the Nook use the default fonts. The file encryptrion.xml is inside the folder META-INF. There is also a fonts sub-folder in the folder OEBPS. You can also delete these. In the content.opf file in OEBPS, you will also find your fonts listed in the xml manifest. You will need to delete this line (these lines) if you have deleted the fonts.


                I should have started out by saying to unpackage your epub by remaning it to .zip from .epub, and then unzip it to a new directory.


                When you go to re-zip it, you must do the following: first, change the zip compression settings to no compression. Then add the file mimetype. That must be uncompressed and the first file you all. Then you can change the zip settings back to compress and then add back in the directories META-INF and OEBPS. Then close(save) the zip archive and then re-name it from .zip to .epub. 

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                  When I said 'you can delete these'  I mean delete the font folder and its contents from OEBPS. Don't delete OEBPS which has all the rest of your content.