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    Nook background color (not really white)

      My Nook Simple Touch has a grey-ish background. It's darker than I expected and definitely not white as in the promo pictures on barnesandnoble.com.

      Here it is with some good (not direct) daylight, compared to some white paper:

      (With artificial light it looks even darker.)

      I'm wondering if this is normal or if perhaps there's something wrong with my unit.

      It's still readable and all, but I expected it to be lighter. 

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          Very normal that the screen isn't 100% white.  I have the Nook 1st Edition and the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, and I can tell you that the newer ones are better than the first edition (which I never complained about).  If you compare it to the other eReaders out there, you will see they are all like that.


          Happy Reading!

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            None of the e-ink readers are perfectly white.  They are trying to emulate a printed page, which aren't pure white, either.  I find that you need good light in order to read on them--as one would with a print book, perhaps a tad more.  They are awesome outdoors. 

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                It's true that the e-ink screens are not white, but there have been issues with some units that are darker than they should be.


                Do you have a B&N store near you?  If so, bring in your nook and compare it to the floor models, and/or have the nook specialist take a look at it for you.  If yours is unusually dark, it's probably a good idea to exchange it.

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                Sadly I don't have another Nook or any other e-ink reader to compare it to, I ordered my online.


                Here's a bigger picture. You can probably guess the amount of light in the room by looking at how much the bezel is lighted (in some other pictures on the net you can clearly see the 'nook' writing at the top..).

                It's probably normal, just wanted to make sure.

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                  When I compare mine to printed books, it's still a bit darker. It's about the same lightness/darkness as newsprint, but different tone. This newspaper I have here has a brown-ish tone, whereas the Nook is more gray-ish.


                  I doubt they made it so on purpose (also because it's advertised as pure white in the pictures), I'd say it's more of a technical limitation of e-ink.


                  Not trying to complain too much, since it's perfectly readable with decent lighting, just making an observation.

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                    No, they are not white per se, but I think you are looking for that nice contrasting background. I simply adore my Nook Glowlight now and I use the light even during the day many times with the glowlight turned down low. It really makes the background "whiter" as you are likely looking for and the contrast becomes, in my view, really amazing. This makes me love it more than my first ST which I gave to my son. Try the light on and you'll see the background really lighten up and the e-ink contrast improve greatly. I have a Tablet too, but this STG is my very favorite!