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    LendMe Sharing

      Is there anyone interested in sharing books via LendMe?


      With looking at the books available for LendMe, I have the following authors.


      Laurell K Hamilton ( the entire Anita Blake Series )

      Maya Banks ( most of her books including the Sweet Series )

      Maggie Stiefvater ( Shiver )

      Shelly Laurenston ( all of ebooks from BN )

      Anna McKenna ( Blackmailed & Make Mine Midnight )

      Shannon McKenna ( Behind Closed Doors & Standing in the Shadows )

      Melissa Schroeder ( Harmless series & Calculated Seduction )


      Let me know... I'm interested in suggestions of other authors to read, also. 



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          I joined a public group located at http://booksfornooks.com/ try it out.

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            I have some Shelly Laurenston, Kristan Higgins, G.A. Aiken, Lora Leigh, Charlaine Harris, Mary Hughes, Kelley Armstrong, Joey W. Hill, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Lisa Kleypas. Let me know if you are interested in getting the names of specific titles.


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              Hi, I currently have all of the undead and unwed series, except for the 1st one,  I was looking for someone who would want to lend me some of the Anita Blake series... I haven't read any of them yet but they are all on my wishlist! I am also finishing the newest Vampire Acadamy book.. Spiritbound.. thank you

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                I'd love to share my books with others and be able to take out loans.


                I've got a wide variety of ebooks too.  I'll have to make a list since I don't know all of them off hand

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                   I have everything by Lorelei James and a lot of Maya Banks, some Tymber Dalton and a few others if you're interested.

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                    I am wondering if anyone knows how to unlend a book.  I lent a book to my work email address and it never showed up where I could access it & now I can't read it on my nook because it shows it as lent.  Please help!

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                      Can you lend me the Melissa Schroeder harmless series you can send it to poeticc.justice@gmail.com Thanks
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                          I see you're a new user, so welcome to the board!


                          You will see that the last post before yours on this thread is over a year old, so you are unlikely to get any response to your post.  You may want to start your own thread, asking if anyone is willing to lend this particular series to you.  If you do, here are a couple of suggestions about posting on the board:


                          1.  If you are responding to a particular post, address your post to that user by name,  as I have done here (e.g., @Poeticcjustice).  As it stands now, it is impossible for someone to figure out who you're talking to without reading the entire thread to see who had this particular series.


                          2.  Never post your e-mail address on the board.  Once you have established contact with another user on the board, you can send a private message ("PM") to their user name, giving them your e-mail address.


                          Happy reading!