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    Can't sign in to Nook for PC (1025 error)


      I've tried (for several weeks now) to log into my Nook for PC app on my computer. I keep getting the same message:

      "We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time - please try again later. (Sign in: 1025)."


      I've contacted support twice & have followed each & every bit of advice, only to be told to try again later--which I have done.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue? And what can be done, if anything? It's very frustrating to have several books in a library that you cannot access.


      I had planned on buying a Nook in the near future, but this issue is forcing me to reconsider. I do not have this issue with Kindle for PC (and I do not want to buy a Kindle).

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          How funny... I was posting this presently.


          B&N database is corrupted.  If you create a new account it will work just fine.  Nothing wrong on your end.  Problem is if you create a new account I think you loose all your purchased content.


          I've called 4 times on this.  Last tech suggested I upgrade my OS to Vista since I'm using NOOK PC on WinXP.


          B&N DB admins need to get involved.  Don't know how to get their attention.  I'm at a loss.


          Sorry we are in the same boat.  Looks like it's back to paper for me till they get this resolved.


          Error 1025




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            I'm getting the same error message with the Vista operating system while my XP computer works perfectly fine. When I called BN they told me it was because of the new updates everyone was downloading so it was clogging their system. It's been almost two weeks now with still the same issue. Nook for PC and NookStudy won't let me sign in, but they will let me create a new account. This is getting tiring.

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              I am experiencing the same message when I try to sign onto Nook PC.  I have vista on my laptop and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times.  I have also changed the properties to XP Service pack when downloading.  I also opened all my cookies in FireFox and I am still having trouble.  Does anyone have any other advice?  This is frusterating and I will be leaving the country in a few days and need to get this issue resolved immediately.  I have also called customer service and been told that there is nothing that they can do.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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                I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I still can't sign in.  I'm hope someone from Nook will see enough traffic on this issue and do something about it.  In the meantime, I can buy new books using the Amazon app but I prefer Nook.