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    Exclusively Nook?

      Has anyone here gikven up on paper books at all, and are exclusively using the Nook?    I think I'm moving in that direction.  Would be interested to hear what others have to say.

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          Interesting question.  I haven't "really" given up books other than my nook as I have several left to read.  However, since I got the nook, I haven't read any of my other books!

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            Absolutely.  I have a bookshelf in every room of my house filled to the brim.  I've only read about half of the books. 


            At this point, I am only reading on the Nook (or my cell phone, when needed).  Thanks to the public library, they are adding more "I want to read this!" books than I have time to read.  I'm currently bouncing back and forth among a few different series (James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Nora Roberts, and Grisham's books).  I have to read books chronologically, so I only put my name on the waiting list for the next book by each author and it works out perfectly.  On the few occasions that none of my waiting list books became available, then I just pick another less popular author. 


            But do I ever pick the book off of the shelf to read?  Never.  Hardcovers are too heavy to hold and paperbacks (especially thick ones) are too hard to keep open. 

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              Yup! Gone exclusively nook. I received my nook in the second mailing of the original pre-order and had happily started reading books on it. My sister sent me a paperback she thought I'd like as part of my Christmas present from her. When I eventually put my nook aside to read the paperback, I got to about page 40 or so and purchased the book for nook. I just couldn't stand the discomfort and inconvenience of the paperback. Haven't looked back since...I just love my nook! :smileyvery-happy:



















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                  I pretty much am only reading on my Nook.  I have a ton of print books, but I love reading on my Nook and I won't be buying print books anymore. 

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                    Po1gara wrote:

                     My sister sent me a paperback . . . . When I eventually put my nook aside to read the paperback, I got to about page 40 or so and purchased the book for nook. I just couldn't stand the discomfort and inconvenience of the paperback. . . .

                    :smileyvery-happy:  Been there and done that! Of course, my paperback had not been a gift; I had purchased it for myself two weeks before I bought my NOOK.  When I add the cost of that superfluous paperback and the cost of the NOOKbook, that has been my most expensive read since I got my NOOK. 


                    Right now, I have no intention of buying any fiction or nonfiction "novel" in DTB format ever again!  When B&N perfects a note taking system for NOOK, I will be able to eliminate some purchases of DTB reference works as well.


                    The "series" consideration was something I hadn't thought about. I think I am OK with part of the series in DTB and part in NOOKbook.  Hmm. . . Perhaps I'm just not a serious "collector."  :smileywink:


                    I look forward to my "DTB-Free" future with NOOK!



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                    Since I got my nook in August I have read no DTBs - it has been only ebooks on the nook.  I can't say for certain, but right now I am leaning in the direction of only reading on my nook.


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                      I'll read DTBs. I will not, however, buy DTBs unless there's no eBook version.

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                        Pardon my ignorance on this guys...I'm a bit new to all this, but what is a DTB?    Thanks.

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                          The vast majority of my reading is now on Nook or the Nook software for my phone. I ordered a few paper books a few months ago because they were on sale. But, in the future, I plan on only buying NookBooks.

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                            Well, i've just purchased  Nook and am enjoying the fact it can be held easily or laid flat on my bed and I just have to swipe to turn pages, or press the small button, it's great.  I've never really read, didn't get into DTB page turns.  The Nook has actually turned me into a reader.



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                                I'm about 90% exclusively Nook. I do have a back log of DTBs to read. I've also got some series where only a few of the books are available as an ebook. Since I like to read series in order I'll break down and buy the DTB version.


                                I'm headed in the exclusively Nook direction. The other day I was reading a DTB while killing some time before picking the kids up at school, I repeatedly kept looking up to the right hand corner of the book to see if it was time to leave yet. :smileytongue: It was a lot of work to have to turn my hand over to actually look at my watch :smileywink:. I'm afraid I'm hopelessly addicted.

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                                I am headed in that direction. I always bought hardbacks and have quite a collection. The only ones I will buy now are to complete series I've started. Just to look good in my book shelf. I think I'm a little ocd that way.