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    Nook Color & weak wifi signal

      I just got a certified, pre-owned Nook Color.  Everything is fine except the wifi signal that I'm getting through the NC is VERY weak.  It does connect to the router and I can access the internet fine.  This is not a connection issue.  It's just the signal is very weak.

      My router is a b/g/n Netgear WNDR3700, running the latest firmware.  This is a router that has a solid reputation for having a strong single and excellent coverage.  I've had the router for about a year and at one time or another, have connected many, many laptops and netbooks (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, IBM) as well as various Android phones (Nexus One, Moto Droid, Samsung, HTC etc) as well as a PS3 and TV's without any problems and with good to excellent signal strength all around the house (2 story home w/basement and router on the 2nd floor).

      There are no microwave ovens or wireless mice/keyboards, wireless speakers or cordless phones to interfere.  Scanning the 2.4ghz b/g/n wireless signals in the area using my laptop and Nexus One, there are no other routers emitting anything significant (meaning the other routers have very, very, weak signals... I live in a suburban, residential area, not a crowded City apartment).  In addition these signals, (of which there are only three others in this neighborhood) are on either channel 2 or 6 while I'm on channel 11.  Needless to say, the NC doesn't even see these other signals.

      I've turned off all other laptops and cell phones that use this router for testing.   I've turned off/reset the router, switch, Nook etc.  I don't have any covers on the Nook. So signal interference shouldn't be an issue.  And even if I bring the NC within inches of the router, I still get a weak/poor signal.

       My Nexus One phone running Android 2.3 (as well as every other device I have) gets a stronger signal from another room vs the NC sitting next to the router.

      I've tried complete removing Wifi encryption, switching to different wireless channels and using only wireless G but that hasn't had any effect.

      The battery is fully charged and I've tried with and without it hooked up to the charger.

      I've also tried running CM7 (latest build as of Sept 21, 2011) booting off the uSD card (so the stock firmware on the NC is not touched) with the same weak wifi signal problem.

      I saw a posting about a user with a different Netgear router changing some of the Advanced Wireless settings (like the fragmentation length) and tried those changes without any noticable difference.   http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-General-Discussion/Netgear-Router-Connection-Problem-Solution/td-p/968474

      My NC is model BNRV200 running software version 1.2.0.

      Is this normal or did I get a defective NC?  Maybe this "certified pre-owned" was one that was returned because it had a bad signal?

      Can I exchange this at a local BN store since it's a certified pre-owned Nook, and I'm assuming "guaranteed" by BN?  It was puchased through Overstock.com but the return address on the box was from BN with a BN address of "1 Barnes Nobel Way, Monroe TWP, NJ" and the packing slip has both the Overstock and BN logos.  I'd hate to have to go through the hassel of sending it back to Overstock with no guarantee of getting a new one with everything running 100%.



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          You can always ask B&N I suppose, but I'm pretty sure you have to deal with Overstock.com, as B&N does not warranty 3rd party refurbished sales like that (at least not to my knowledge).  Any recourse you may have is likely going to have to be through overstock.