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    [NT] Loving this "obsolete" tech....

      Three years ago I bought a Nook Color.  i loved it.  Used it mostly as a reader, but liked the ability to check email, this forum, etc.


      Last year I bought a Nook HD as i wanted the ability to stream HULU and stream movies to TV using HDMI connector.  Loved it for about 5 weeks, until the ability to use ADE for my public library went away.  Ok I still love it, but would prefer the native reader to having to use Overdrive, even if I have to sideload the books.  The HD is a great tablet.


      Yesterday my wife and I were visiting several pawn shops (she likes to shop for jewelry for various family members and I can't complain about the prices.)  I saw several NCs and NTs and pointed out that trying to sell them for $65-$99 was going to be a tough sell since B&N had the HD for $79.  Then I came across an NT (Nook Tablet) priced at $42.95.  I negotiated a bit just to see where it would go and when it got to $35 plus tax I had to get it.  It is 8GB, screen looks great, and it works like it is new.  I hadn't realized how adjusted I was to the HD until I started working the NT, but my old NC experience came back quickly.  Got it registered, and ADE authorized, HULU and Netflix registered, sideloaded a library book, and then started having fun.


      Ok, Google Play Store is nice.  HDMI out is nice.  But I have to say the NT is a great tablet, especially for $35!  If you are browsing this forum and don't own a Nook of any kind yet, check out the pawn shops and get an NT.


      Now....you want to here the funny thing????  I just ordered a 360 stand/cover that cost me almost $26!!!


      Loving my "obsolete" tech!!!!