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    Recommneded Email App?  And question about "temp" files

      I'm done fighting to get the standard email "app" working. I deleted and reset my email account twice and aagain, it just sits spinning in "downloading emails" mode. I'm looking for recommendations for email apps that I can find in the Google Play Store that will work on the Nook HD. I also have 4K files when I go to "my files". Trust me, I do not have that many books, pdf's, songs, pictures, magazines, etc. When looking through these files 99% are some sort of temp file. How do I get rid of these? While generally small in size, there is so many of them that I would bet they are directly effecting the performance issues I'm having. Help please! ETA: Email finally downloaded after 15 minutes. 22 blank messages. You can't see a title, content, nothing. ::::: sigh ::::