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    Nook Library - Need an easier way to manage titles.

      I have over 600+ titles in my Nook library. Here are some improvements that I would love to see in all of the Nook apps, and even the online Nook Library. It's way past time when your apps - online or otherwise - get streamlined for better usability.


      1. Shelves are a fabulous idea! Now, please let us manage our shelves via the online Nook Library, or the Nook apps. ANYTHING has to be better than trying to dig through titles to add to a shelf the way the Nook makes us do it. 
      2. Even better, how about letting us tag our Nook books, and building automatic shelves off the tags?
      3. Lendable books - I love that I can lend my Nook books, but I do not necessarily want ALL my lendable books listed in my LendMe library. Give us a default show or hide option for all Nook book purchases. For example, I'd like to "hide" all new lendable Nook books I buy. Actually, give us this option to set our whole lendable library if we'd like to. 
      4. Give us the option to sort lendable titles by author or purchase date (recent). This would make it so much easier to decide what we'd like to set to show/hide. 
      5. Actually, what would be GREAT is the option to search - in the online NOOK library, as well as the lendable library. And while we're on this topic, why two separate lists? Give me a Nook library that lets me sort, search, shelve, AND decide what to show as lendable, all in ONE screen. Pretty please. Thank you.

      Some of these improvements would probably bolster your Nook community. For example, I have no Nook friends. I probably won't add any until I can control what they can or can't see in my library. I also don't lend out my Nook books. Again, I won't, until you make it easier for me to manage what's what. With over 600+ books in my library, I don't have the time to sort through every single title one at a time. I can't be the only reader who values my privacy (I don't need people knowing whether I read the Fifty Shades trilogy, for example). 

        • This might help a bit. I organize my shelves into Read, U...

          This might help a bit. I organize my shelves into Read, Unread and Free. If I have books eligible for loan that I wish to protect, I archive them and unarchive when I want to use them. Of course when a lend request comes in, you can always check maybe later. It would be helpful to know what Nook you are using since in my case, the library structure if different for my Nook Color. my First Edition and the library section of My Nook on my laptop. This was not intended to be a solution but rather another way to look at your situation. Hope that this helps.