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    A Note of Thanks to Apple and the Agency Six

      I was looking over my Wish List last night, and want to thank the Agency Model conspirators -- really, no sarcasm there.  :smileyhappy:  Like many malefactors, they've done good unintentionally, but done good nonetheless.


      Of the 85 eBooks on my Wish List, about 40 are real "Maybes".  You know the kind:  "maybe I'll feel like buying that someday."  The others, though, are definites.  Before last April 1, I WOULD have bought them, no question.


      Now, I don't NEED those books:  with 438 books on my Nook now and counting, I have a couple of years worth of reading available right now.  That wouldn't have stopped me:  I have NO self-control about these things, and I wanted them.  Still do, as a matter of fact.  But I am price-conscious.  Very.


      So thanks, guys:  if it weren't for you and those books were still $9.99, I'd be out about $450 and they'd be on my Nook.  Now I have the money for other things.


      Keep up the good work.  :smileyvery-happy: