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    Nook Tablet Email App (1.4.2) POP3 Retrieve Email Bug

      My email provider does not allow the use of the full email address to authenticate to the mail server (it requires the short name without the email suffix).


      The Nook Tablet Email App changes the entered username during the setup from the short name to the full email username with suffix. This causes any subsequent retrieval attempts to error out due to bad username or password. What is odd is that the initial retrieval works during the setup process, but fails once the username is modified behind the scenes.


      The modify Incoming Settings feature does not let you modify the username value once the account has been setup.


      Note: The Outgoing Settings are correct in that the username remains as it was originally entered during the configuration setup (has the short username without the email suffix).


      Hopefully a fix will come soon, as the Nook Tablet is essentially useless to retrieve mail.


      My email provider does not provide a web front end for a workaround.


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          May I ask who your e-mail provider is? I too, am having problems with receiving e-mail on my Nook. It starts to retrieve messages and then gives me a "Connection Failed" error message. I have an Att.net e-mail account and have called both Att and Nook support(less) desks. They give me the same line about setting up my account with the correct data, which I have now done 4 times. What is strange is that sometimes it works! When I first access my e-mail on Nook, I see new mail, but it usually isn't the same amount of e-mail that is shown to be in my Inbox folder. Is this the same problem you are having or something entirely different? I agree with you though, until this is fixed, my Nook is mostly useless for any communication.
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            My email provide is addr.com.


            I have not checked after the recent patch to see if the issue has been corrected.


            I will have to give it another try and see if the issue has been fixed with 1.4.3.