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    [HD] Hulu - hoop-di-do!!!!  HDMI streams it out!!

      Last year when I got my HD I was disappointed to learn that Hulu would not allow streaming from tablet to TV, so I didn't bother to buy an HDMI connector.  This week I purchased an HDMI connector as I have some movies on my tablet and I am going on vacation soon and hope to be able to play them on TV's where I am staying.  While I was testing the quality of the movies ripped to my HD via DVDCatalyst's Tools4movies (which was fantastic, by the way), on a whim I powered up the Hulu app.  Imagine my surprise to find it working and streaming to the TV with no problem! 


      Also used the connector to stream ESPNU via the WatchESPN app to see a college football game that was not available on DirectTV.


      Ahhh...the beauty of modern technology!  Just wanted to share the joy!