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    2.1 update

      Why isn't it installing wirelessly?  I don't remember having to manually install the other updates.

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          The automatic over the air update comes out in waves over a several week period. You can force it to install wirelessly right away by going into "settings", "device information", tapping on "Software version" then tapping on "Check for updates".

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            Any way to roll back this update? It replaced a very good browser with Chrome, a browser that 1) lost my bookmarks, 2) won't run Flash (ruining my home nanny cam system) and 3) forces webpages to default to mobile versions.

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              ejohnson, there should be a setting in Chrome Settings to force Desktop versions of apps to load. Just check Settings.

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                How about Dolphin?  The updated version on Google Play has a Flash plugin.

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                  I used Dolphin before as I liked it better. It does have a lot of add ons in the google play store, I installed several, now to play and see just how much functionality they add. I'd personally give that a shot before considering going back to a previous update. There were just as many complaints about it then as now, but we do have more options now to fix a lot of those problems. I'm personally pretty happy with it.

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                    Anyone else experiencing debilitating slowness and choppiness since the 2.1 upgrade? 

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                      only using chrome. gave up on it and went back to dolphin. Otherwise, seems okay.

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                        I lost some of my games when it automatically loaded junk I don't want or need on my Nook. If I wanted/needed it I would download it myself! Last time I "updated" I had all kinds of issues also and then my Nook suddenly started to just shut off in the middle of an app! I should have just spent the extra money and gotten an iPad!!! Nobody that I know with those has these insane issues! I will not be recommending Nook to anyone from this day on!
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                          I pads have fewer issues, but every generation has had issues.  Battery life,  compatability,  changes in ports.  I also think it's unfair to complain that a device that is 1/2 the price isn't equal.  Do you expect a 40,000 dollar car and a 20,000 car to have the exact same features and perform the same? How about a 500.00 dollar TV or stereo and a 250.00 dollar stereo or TV? Your Your post is typical of first time drive by posters.  Many on the forum forum will try to assist you.  Joining just to post a whine is childish.  If you wish for BN to know how you feel send an email to customer service. 

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                            Not experienced any slowness. Don't like Chrome but that's a separate matter.


                            I don't understand people who keep comparing Nook to iPad. It's half the price.


                            In fact now you can get Nook HD on sale for $149 and Nook HD+ for $179. So it's less than half the price of comparable iPad Mini and iPad.


                            You can't expect it to be just as good.

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                              I cannot get Dolphin browser to play Amazon instant videos. It might be a compatability issue with plug in for Flash. It just hangs trying to connect and there is constant buffering.


                              Not so with Puffin browser, works fine so far.


                              I would not say my Nook HD+  is speedy but there is just a  little lag which is tolerable. It may depend on what one is trying to do.


                              The Nooks at this price? Name me a better deal on a current tablet on the marketplace.


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                                I also had to download the Puffin (paid version) browser to access my Amazon videos. Neither Firefo, Chrome nor Dolphin worked.


                                Someone else asked about being able to import your prior nook bookmarks into the other browsers. In Puffin, they are already there under the folder "other bookmarks". 

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                                  Add me to the list of people who are not happy at being turned over to Big Brother Google!  First I had to disable gmail on my Nook HD a couple of weeks ago because it wanted permission to wipe out all my data with a factory reset when it felt like it.  I don't think so.  Now, last night, I ge the 2.1 update and my Nook is full of Google crap that apparantly I can't get rid of.


                                  I basically only use the browser for Facebook and Twitter and occasionally looking something up.  The old browser would allow me to use the full regular Facebook - which I prefer to the app.  The Facebook app works great on my iPod but it's dreadful on the Nook.  If someone posts an image the app doesn't shrink the image to fit.  My whole screen is filled with the image and scrolling is impossible.


                                  Plus everytime I try to do something, I have Google in my face with - sign in - sign up - tell us where you are! - link all your things together.  They want everything linked together so they can track you and sell your information to advertisers.  No thank you!  They tried that with Google+ and YouTube - all of which I had separate logins.  Somehow they found them and linked them all together.

                                  Now I use Chrome only for gmail and if I'm doing any other Google related tasks - like YouTube or search, I do it in Firefox without logging in.

                                  I want to use another browser - anything but Chrome or IE.  Maxthon would be fine or Firefox or even Dolphin (which I'm assuming is the original browser).  Trouble is when I try to get those, I now have to go through Google Play which wants my information.  The Maxthon browser was available through B&N before, but now I can't find it in the app shop :smileysad:  Not a happy camper.

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                                    Dolphin is available in the Nook store. You have to go to Google Play for the add ons though.