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    Can't cancel subscription

      So many people have written in with problems canceling magazine subscirptions over the years. And many more have commented on how hard it is to cancel. I should have listened. I always told myself I would never subscribe to a magazine on my Nook, no matter how enticing the offer. But, I got sucked in and subscribed and now can't unsubscribe. I read all sorts of FAQ's and suggestions. The manage digital subscriptions link that is supposed to be the anwer to all my problems takes me to my own library, with a nice list of everything I have, with covers, but NO icons to click to cancel subscription as the FAQ's say there will be. Clearly this is an attempt to force subscribers to prolong their subscriptions. I actually staff an IT help desk and asked my co-workers. We couldn't get it done. Not saying it can't be or that all the links aren't there, just saying they're so well hidden it MUST be deliberate. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I have subscribed to and canceled a number of magazines without any problems.  In fact, you reminded me that I need to cancel one.  Which I just did.  I went to My Nook on the website, clicked on magazines.  Found the magazine and clicked on it.  Right underneath the cover it said you can cancel your subscription at any time.  I clicked on that link, got a pop up.  Clicked ok and it canceled the subscription.  This is how it has worked everytime I've cancelled one.