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    HD + resets by itself



      I have had my HD+ for approx  6 months. 


      On two different occasions when I turned the nook "on", the device started over as if it had never been registered. 


      I had to go through the entire registration process.  After the books and apps loaded, they had to be downloaded again just as if the nook was brand new. 


      Has anyone else had this problem. ?

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          I had the same problem while abroad on vacation and re-registered my HD+ in the UK, now I can't stop it from listing prices in British Pounds. I contacted BN and they said the only option is to re-register again, losing everything I've already had to load 2 times.

          Does anyone have suggestions??? Thanks!
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            I had this happen with my new HD+ a week or two after I bought it.  The salesperson saw the issue, took my Nook, and handed me a new box from behind the counter. 


            I bought the Nook in store, so it was nice to not have to deal with over the phone.


            Anyway, that was 6 months ago and the replacement has been flawless...and I use it TONS.