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        This is very useful for the people with this problem, but I don't have this problem. I can't even register my Nook Color because of wifi problems! I really need help because no help support people are working on christmas. :smileysad: I dearly need help!!!! :smileysad:

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          I guess this probably works with a "regular" router but I have an old Airport that does have the WEP but I can't find on my Apple G4 Mac the router speed. I looked under network and I did see the Airport but no way to change speed. Does your solution apply to only PCs or does it work with Macs as well? I do have a Toshiba PC netbook and it connects just fine to the Airport.Thanks for your assistance. I just got it and I can't do anything with it since it won't connect.

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            12-25-11 The no connection issue with my Nook and Belkin router was resolved simply by taking the space out of my two word SSID. Make sure you never use a space in your SSID.

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              RSR-Reno wrote:

              12-25-11 The no connection issue with my Nook and Belkin router was resolved simply by taking the space out of my two word SSID. Make sure you never use a space in your SSID.

              I have three spaces in my SSID and I have wifi with all my wireless devices including the nook color, so your finding isn't true for all routers. Mine's an older DLink DIR655.

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                Just made what seems to be a mistake buying a Nook Tablet for my wife.  Same BS with connectivity.  Running a Fios M1424-wr router.  Works well with my 2 PC's.  (All boxes runnig XP vatiants) Nada with the tablet.  Works fine at the store where purchased.  Wife ws assured that it would connect "fine" when she returned home.  Same BS.  Tried setting the router to WPA.  No nook connect, no pc connect either.  There should be a disclaimer that a nook won't work with WEP.  I'm ready to return it if the issue can't be resolved.

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                  Thank you Thank you...I cannot wait to get home and do this.  I have a Netgear router and everywhere else I go that has WiFi, it works great but at my own home.  I too called Barnes and Noble and maybe the tech people need to know what this solution is when they use their computers to help us troubleshoot.  I was getting so frustrated because I know my wireless etc is okay at home and did not want to have to call tech support with them trying to figure this out =/

                  Thanks much


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                    Thank You, Thank You and Thank You. I have returned one Nook Tablet and was about to return the second one and just give up. I have talked with Nook, Netgear and Comcast technicians and they all couldn't help me. Comcast and Netgear stated they could help me if I signed up with their technical support for a fee. I followed your instructions and instantly the internet worked. Thank you again!

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                      Hi.  This sounds like a good place to start.  I do not know how to get into step 1 - the router set up.  I need to figure out how to get into that before I can change the speed.  I thank you for your help.  I am not computer savvy  :~)


                      I would like to set up the Nook I got for my son.


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                        I know this is an old post, but for the sake of anyone else reading this in the future - I have to say this. It is 01/02/12 and I just purchased 2 of the nook color ereaders. They both have the same problem many are complaining about. When all other wifi devices in my house connect fine, the nooks either drop the signal after 30 seconds or don't connect at all. I received DHCP errors and mac filtering warnings - even though I don't use mac filtering and dhcp is fine for all other devices. I even turned off all the other devices in the house just in case there was a bandwidth issue or something - no change. There is obviously a software issue or bad wifi adapters with these things. Oh, and I also updated to the latest os 1.4 and still had the same problem. Everything alse about these things seems great, but it defeats the purpose of having a tablet device that can't connect to wifi.

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                             Just wanted to add to this discussion as a non techy I was relaxing in the living room when my wife said "My nook keeps loosing internet and we should take it back". She was very angry, sooo I went into B&N forums which have helped with other how too's. This one problem I haven't found anything about, we were connecting fine for a good 8 months on our Vizio router and now it keeps dropping out and as I worked with the nook color it got worse right in front of me. Tried Vizio HD and Vizio channels which had worked fine before. Any updates were done months ago to the nook and the router didn't show any available since installing last Sept., during a 3 mile hike in the woods on a beautiful Mi. Day with snow on the ground(necessary break!) I remembered seeing one post that mentioned a setting in the Netgear router of 54mps but when back into settings I couldn't find anything in the Vizio settings but do see a third channel that is called "Classic" and this showed as "disabled". I was able to edit and to "enable" this setting but still not able to automatically connect to the nook even after as nook calls it "forget" all the other router connections! So this is it I'm looking as red in the face as my wife!!! Finally the fix was to input Classics router address and password manually and it connects and is running music in the kitchen which makes for a happy cook!

                             I wouldn't have purchased a nook color had i known these issues existed  and wonder if more problems will come with these latest settings. Strange that it worked for so long and started having problems without making any previous changes to the Router or Nook and why should I not be able to use the router settings for newer 65mps for a new electronic device that should not be an issue in 2012. This Nook Color is a very nice piece of equipment for the price but should work with any router setting as our two laptops a vcr and anyone that has logged onto the Vizio router in my home have had no problem with the automated push button setup on this router. I do believe this is an issue that can be repaired with updating in the future "last year"! Look; I know its a race to get product there before the competition but please slow down, let the competitors make these mistakes, I feel most people in the long run appreciate quality all the way around and turn on and go is the world today:smileywink:. Spending time using the Nook Color is much more enjoyable than a day or more trying get it to work with certain routers and old settings at that! I'm just saying!!!!!!!  

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                              Wow, and this has been going on for over a year!  By now, the solution ought to be on B&N's Website FAQs.  But, it's here.  Pity B&N isn't paying attention.  I own the Nook Classic and the Nook Tablet.  I really want B&N to survive and flourish:  I like their electronics better than The Name That Cannot Be Said (I own their reader, too), and I like their bookstores.  This problem, and it's solution, seems so trivial:  Hey, B&N just make it part of the FAQ:  the mode has to be set at legacy 54MBS.  Regardless of the number of products out there, whether Cisco, NetGear, or whatever, the mode options and protocols are really quite standard: b/g/n.  If the Nooks are only good with legacy b networks, then say so.  If they'll work with g, that'd be nice, too.  I mean, both the Nook Classic and the Nook Tablet recognize the various security protocols:  None, WPA, WEP, and WEP2.  It's not a real leap to take into consideration the network protocols.  I am willing to cut the techs some slack, but from an architecture perspective, B&N has really got to get its act together or it will not survive.  We will all be the poorer if that occurs. 

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                                ave westell6982 but cant connect for some reason... don't know the password , I never made one for it. I have #'s ??? so I do not know what to do from here....any help would be appreciated

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                                  I suspect B&N would like the solution to be so "easy" as telling everyone to set their home routers to 54 MBs...  howerver; both the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet that live at my home connect with my N protocol router which is WEP and fed from a fiberoptic connection.

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                                    I too, have a D-Link router.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This worked for me!  I had done the online chat route and the phone call to support.  They all told me that I had to talk to my ISP even though my all other devices were working perfectly on the wireless.

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