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        My nook has been working fine for eight months! All of a sudden, there's an error message when I turn on wifi. No problems with any other devices. Nothing has changed. What's going on?
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          What is the error message?  It's difficult providing help without knowing that. Have you tried rebooting your nook by pressing and holding the power button until the screen goes black, and then releasing it and pressing it a few seconds until the Read Forever message appears?

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            When I try turning on the wifi, it looks like its trying and then it says "Error". No number, no type, just error. I tried doing all the things that have been suggested and between most, I rebooted. I probably rebooted about 6 times yesterday. No luck. It's worked fine up until about a week ago. It's always worked fine at my sister's house as well and it wouldn't work there yesterday either. I'm thinking that there may be an issue with the nook.
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              Ouch! That is most unfortunate.  I would probably go to a McDonald's or Starbucks or any place that has free wifi and see if it connects. Then I would take it to a B&N store to see if it connects there. If it doesn't, take it to the Nook specialist in the store and show them.  They might have a solution.  But be sure to backup  to your PC or a memory card any sideloaded files or files you downloaded which were not bought from B&N before taking it to B&N because they may do a hard reset which will wipe out all yor files.

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                I'm glad that the Netgear problem was resolved, but I'm still having issues with my NC running on 1.4.3 connecting to wireless of any sort. It doesn't matter what wireless router, there are times it simply will not connect to the internet no matter where I am. When I am it home, I have a Belkin (just purchased a new one earlier in the year because the dog broke our old one). It runs two laptops (a Mac and a Windows), a wireless desktop (Windows), my iPhone, and a gaming system with no problems. Even when I go to BN stores, sometimes I have turn wireless off and turn it back on several times, foget the connection, and re-connect for my NC to pick up the conncection. There are times it takes hours to pick up a wireless connection, even if it does. I have called "tech support" numerous times, but as I have had my NC for nearly a year and a half now, I am out of warrently, and it was a Christmas present that did not come with extended warrenty coverage. Hard resets do not fix the problem. I have been through three. At this point, does anyone have any further solutions for me?

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                  I also was having issues with my Nook Tablet being disconnected most of the time.  We have a linksys router.  I called Barnes and Noble support for another issue and mentioned having trouble with my wifi.  The lady reset my Nook, it rebooted a few times and it's working much better now.

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                    I am having connectivity problems and my router etc works fine with both of my commputers???What do I do? And how do I check and or change my password if that is the issue?

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                      Hi Mew, 


                      I can't thank you enough for sharing your solution, which has fixed my very slow loading issue with Nook Tablet Color 16gb.


                      I had verified that there was no issue with my router and modem becuase my laptop got connected to the Internet instantly when loading web pages. 

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                        I just bought a Nook Color and had wifi connection problem and the help desk still couldn't tell me "it's your wifi connection speed, downgrade from you N level to B/G level". This blog help me recognized this problem with the Nook Color. This is even a year and a half after this problem was resolved here.
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                          Thanks for this post.  I come from a technical background but am not a network wizard.  I have 6 Apple devices, 4 PCs, 2 gaming systems, 3 Android phones and a Samsung SmartTV and my daughters NC is the only thing that won't stay connected to my new WIFI router.  I was more than willing to accept that I needed to change something on the router but change what?  I have spent 2 days with Barnes and Noble support both online chat and on the phone and ultimately was told to call my ISP to have the NC MAC address added to their list.  Incredibly frustrating that they could not even give me a list of things to try.  I started testing many of the solutions that appeared here (54mb, CTS protection, etc.) and finally got to the fact that disabling 802.11n allows it to work.  I am running a SonicWall TZ105w router.


                          I will not buy another Nook device...

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                            I HAD this problem, too.  If you don't want to hear my long-winded story, scan down to the highlighted text. 


                            Belkin wireless N router (model isn't important to solve this issue).  Everything was working fine.   I took an inventory of connected devices (for a projected described below) and was shocked to find that we have 18 internet devices (xbox, directv, nook color, 2 kindles, ipad, 2 iphones, 2 windows phones, 2 desk tops and 6 laptops).   I had recently installed an 8-port switch to enable more wired connections and to improve the efficiency in bandwidth sharing between devices. Every device worked flawlessly.


                            I wanted to create specific time allotments during which certain devices can actuall access the internet (those belonging to my kids).  This is something fairly easy to do.  However, before doing this, I made a simple change to the router (turned wireless security off and back on).  Afterwards, 15 of the 18 devices connected just fine but, the NC and the Kindles could see the network but would not connect.  I tried everything to fix it. I figured that it had to be an IP address conflict but, nothing worked. Set wireless mode to G, etc.


                            I finally came across a post (don't recall exactly where) that stated that Droid devices don't like spaces within the SSID.  I figured "No way that is going to fix this problem."  I was wrong. I took the space out of the SSID, rebooted the router and the three wayward devices connected right away.


                            With all the time I wasted on this subject, over the last week, I feel like a moron not being able to get it right away.


                            I hope this helps.







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                              This is a very old thread, and it looks like there have a been a fair few solutions suggested here and there.  None of them have worked for me.  My situation goes like this.  Used the nook for years no problems connecting, then starting last week I couldn't connect to the internet.  The nook would recognize and log in to my router, obtain and IP address, all of that good stuff, but accessing the internet was impossible.  Couldn't update my library or anything.  I was mystified, but then I realized, just now actually, that I've been using the nook while streaming video on my xbox 360 ... which isn't something I'm in the habit of doing.  So I decided to give the nook another shot now since I'm not doing anything on the 360, and lo and behold it works again.


                              This is a very odd work-around, I hesitate to call it a solution.  The odd thing is that my router can support dozens of devices simultaneously, even with the xbox running.  And the xbox is wired no less!  Which means it has a fixed IP no matter how many wireless devices connect.  It's weird, but for whatever reason this worked for me. 

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                                Xbox might be using a different protocl than standard internet traffic. That would mean that its traffic gets priority and other traffic gets lower priority. Nook might not be able to handle this case.


                                That's the only thing I can think of.

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                                  i'm not very knowlegeable about the wi-fi,  but my nook color stops at least once a week.  i'm not able to do the stuff you say to do.  why can't B&N fix it on their end.  for how much the nookcolor cost i shouldn't have to be the one to mess around tring to get it to work!!!

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                                    NO it is NOT a netgear issue.  I do not have a netgear in MY house and it is out of the BLUE doing this when it had been connecting for 2 YEARS or more to the same router!  It also connected for 2 years or more to my mom's netgear!  UNTIL now.  This month I cannot get it to connect and am getting DISABLED after it tries to authenticate.  Says the signal is strong, I know I am not typing my security passwords wrong and it will not connect to 2 wireless routers it sees and has been connecting to for YEARS!  So, now I need to either figure out if this is going bad, burnt out or just done.   

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