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    Gallery Organization

      I have added many pictures to my Nook HD (all Nook updates completed) and "thought" I organized them by making folders and moving pictures to appropriate folders while my device was connected to my computer.  I have no problem seeing the pictures, but the Gallery seems to only recognize two folders.  Those two folders are fine -- I can choose either one of those folders and be able to view the pictures I've added to them.  


      The other two folders I've created and have moved pictures to do not show up in the Gallery -- the pictures are there in the main Picture folder but the folders I created are not listed (pictures that I put in the folders are there, just not the folders I made -- If I am not explaining this well, I'd appreciate any questions anyone might have to help in assisting me fix this.


      Is there a better or right way to organize gallery pictures?  Does Nook only allow two folders to show?


      Any help would be appreciated.  

      Happy first day of Autumn!


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          I installed QuickPic app to use instead of Gallery just beacuse of the sorting/organizing options. I don't remember now what it was that wanted done but couldn't do in Gallery but could easily do in QuickPic, but I've never looked back...

          I don't know if what you want done is a seasily fixed, but check it out and try anyway! 

          Edit: I copied a folder with subfolders to my HD+ just t try, and QuickPic shows the subfolders. I think that is what you wanted?

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              I've got a bit more time now and just wanted to add that with QickPic (and probably other gallery apps as well) you have a lot more setting you can use, should you want to. You can tell it where to look for pictures, or where to NOT look for pictures if the defaults aren't good for you. You also have ore options on how to display content.

              If these settings are available in the stock Gallery app, I sure wasn't able to find them! And when I can't find things easily I look for a more user friendly alternative. QuickPic is what I happened to choose, but I'm sure there are other ones that does the job just as well.