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    Funamo Parental Control app causing issues

      Last month we bought my oldest a Nook HD+.  Shortly thereafter, I found the Funamo parental control app in the Nook store.  It had good reviews and seemed like it would provide the extra layer of protection and control that I wanted to keep not only my oldest but the younger kids protected online.


      Installed it and immediately he connection the wi-fi became spotty and my oldest could no longer watch youtube videos online, using either the YouTube app or the browser.  They give a message "Unfortunately YouTube has stopped" similar message show up with other Google apps, but only under the children's profiles.


      After striking out with Funamo tech support and the problems not going away after uninstalling the app, I called B&N tech support.  They eventually decided there was a corrupt file somewhere and sent me a new one.


      It was working fine.  Like a fool, I decided that maybe it wasn't Funamo's fault if there really had been a corrupt file.  So I downloaded it from the cloud.  Same issues as before.  This time I have gone a bit longer with Funamo tech support but their main "fix" it to ask me over and over again if the app is installed on all profiles.


      So I am stuck.  Anyone else experience this issue?  Any suggestions?  At this point I just want to revert to factory settings and start fresh and never use this app again.  But that didn't seem to work last time.