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    Transfer files

      Hello everyone, i'm new here so do forgive me if this is a silly question.

      I'm in the uk by the way, the Uk Nook web site doesn't appear to have a forum!


      I'm trying to transfer all my ebooks from my Nook to Nook for PC. I've connected my Nook and the PC recognises it, and when i'm logged on to the Nook PC i sync, but it won't transfer all of my books over!


      It's transfered some but there are still 15 or so that won't go over.


      Any help on this matter would be great.



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          Connecting the Nook to your PC is unnecessary. Nook for PC syncs with your B&N library on B&N's server. If you have "special" books (not just plain text) some may not be compatible with Nook for PC.


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            Can you list which 15 books are not transferring over? IT's probably what the earlier poster said - They might be 'Enhanced Editions'.

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              Hello, thanks for all your replies.

              The Nook i have is a Simple touch glow.

              Strangely, yesterday my account wasn't showing up over half of my books, but today they are all showing apart from one, which is The Billionaires Daughter.

              Not sure why they are all showing now.


              The reason  i wanted to transfer my book to the PC, is because i'm going to sell my Nook and replace it with a kindle, as i'm unable to get half the books i want here in the UK.  Whereas with the Kindle you haven't a problem getting everything you want.











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                  I've just read that with the new HD/HD+ update--GooglePlay, etc.--the Kindle app works on the HD/HD+.  If the current  B&N sale prices on the HD (starting at $149 or $50 off)  and HD+ (starting at $179 or $90 off) are available to you,  you might want to look at those NOOKS as well as the Kindle. :smileyhappy: