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    Method to Delete SOME Pre-Installed Apps in 2.1.1

      As many have noticed, it is difficult to delete apps that come pre-installed. If you remove them through Nook HD+ settings, they usually reinstall themselves automatically a few minutes later. I found a method that seems to work for some apps, including Twitter, Pandora, Hulu+, Crosswords, Facebook, etc. It does not work for the BN or Google apps. The method is as follows:


      Install Apex launcher app through Google Play.


      Go to your home page using Apex launcher.


      Go to the "drawer". 


      Press and hold on the icon of the app that you want to uninstall. It will switch from the drawer to your home page and allow you to drag the icon to a spot on the home page.


      Press and hold again on the icon of the app. You should get some options. Select uninstall. Poof, it will be gone and this time it will not come back.