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    Nook HD - intermittant Wi-Fi Error

      Hi All,


      I've had my Nook HD for little over a week now and in all respects it's a great little device - except for it's wireless.  Mine keeps losing it's connection to the internet and I get a message stating "WiFi error".  In all cases disabling and re-enabling brings back connectivity.  Sometimes I can go hours without trouble, sometimes I have to turn WiFi back on every 5 minutes.  Frustrating if I want to watch streaming videos.


      I've tinkered with my router although I don't want to use static IPs - instead, my router has the option to designate a specific address against the MAC address of the device which I have done - to no difference.  I've tried WiFi lock programs but they are targetted more at maintaining a connection when the screen is off.  Also performed a hard reset.



      Anyone else experienced this?  I might just have a duffer - looking into sending it back but I'd rather not if there are no stocks left to replace mine.  I do enjoy the screen resolution over my Nexus 7!