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        Possum Dance  by Maddie Broome



        Contemporary Romance / Romantic Comedy -- 83,000 words -- .99 nook book



        When you believe in the impossible, something wonderful can happen. (And okay, so sometimes something weird happens instead. Whatever.)

        After reviving the fortunes of her hometown of Possum Dance, Texas – thanks in large part to an ALF wannabe named Bubba spotted roaming the local Piney Woods – Riley Dare has it made. She owns and operates her own store specializing in the weird and wonderful – Alien Autopsy videos, Bigfoot slippers, and plush Bubbas included. She's a respected member of her community. She's even become something of a local media darling. And okay, so the highlight of her love life in recent days was the blind date with a guy who was expecting his date to be a guy. Still, life is good. If somewhat safe and predictable. And maybe a little boring. Or possibly even a lot.

        Enter then Bren Reynolds, a former high school nemesis who'd spent the four months of their shared senior year looking down his nose at the local hicks from the sticks, holding illicit keg parties at the mayor's house, and coming up with new and better ways to convince Riley he was a jerk. The bad news then gets worse – he's Riley's blind date for the local Bubba Festival. And not only does he not remember her, he thinks she's weird – and not particularly wonderful.

        All, however, is not lost. A near-riot, a close encounter with a Conspiracy Nut, a dancing Tribble, and a few dozen cookies later, the weird proves to be more than a little wonderful.



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          SAT & BAF!  


          The year is 1986. The Soviet Union is outraged over a large number of Pershing missiles being kept in West Germany. President Ronald Reagan is proposing the Strategic Defense System, also known as "Star Wars", further raising the heat on the Soviets. The USSR is in turmoil over General Secretary of the Communist Party, Mikhail Gorbachev, proposing a revolutionary policy of Glasnost or "openness" toward the west. They are also mired in a war of conquest in Afghanistan. Leftist, terrorist groups such as West Germany's Red Army Faction (RAF) and France's Action Directe (AD) are threatening further attacks on western military installations. Thousands of protestors are regularly picketing sites that house nuclear weapons. It appears nothing can solve this standoff except complete, nuclear annihilation or capitulation by one of the sides. The heat is rising quickly in the Cold War.

          One company of Infantry stands between all of these enemies and live Pershing II nuclear missiles.

          In this very personal memoir, the author carries the reader through his two year tour as a young infantryman in Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment (Pershing). He shares with you the highs and lows of life in the boiler pot of a Pershing unit and in Heilbronn, Federal Republic of Germany. He takes you to the site, to the field, and out on the town in this brutally honest and irreverently funny account. For the first time, someone from inside 56th Field Artillery Command (Pershing) speaks out on exactly what it was like to serve in that command during the very momentous period at the end of the Cold War. This book is a rollicking adventure from beginning to end. The author explains the tremendous toll it took on the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of the men who volunteered to stand between the Eagle and the Bear. Someone is finally sharing what millions experienced in this very entertaining memoir. You will stand by the author and see the world through his eyes. You will live it.

          The Cold War has become a footnote at the end of many history text books. Even though it influenced the world more than any other period with the possible exception of the Renaissance, it is normally left with a short period at the end of a history class. Millions of Americans served overseas in the Cold War, and very few of them have told their stories. There is an entire generation that only vaguely remembers hearing something about the Cold War.

          "SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat" is a first step in correcting that situation.

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            Have You Seen Her?   by Chicki Brown


            If she’d stayed any longer, her husband would have killed her.


            Frantic to escape his drug-induced brutality, wealthy socialite Marcia Hadley disappears from Santa Barbara, California and flees to Atlantic City, New Jersey. She’s sold everything she can, rents a seedy inner city apartment and attempts to disappear as Dani Reynolds, cocktail waitress at Frenzy, a neighborhood nightclub.


            Taylor Villanova, the club’s sexy bouncer recognizes her naiveté and volunteers to teach her about surviving and thriving in the inner city. Fearful and suspicious of men, Dani is at first repelled by Taylor’s violent profession yet drawn to the compassionate nature that contradicts his macho persona. But when her well-laid plans go awry, and Dani discovers someone is following her, she must put her complete trust in him.


            Her time is running out …

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              Hot Fun in the Summertime  by Chicki Brown


              Seven very different singles – four women and three men – rent a New Jersey beach house for the summer: author Shontae Nichols, self-employed accountant and realtor, Linda Harris, Linda’s sister, hip-hop video dancer Kinnik Watkins, cosmetologist, Jovita Blassingame, Calculus professor Curtis “Doc” Whetstone, actor and drama instructor, Kip Lee, and new housemate, up and coming film actor, Devon Burke.


              During their two month stay, romances bloom, friendships are tested and when a tragedy strikes one of the housemates, they all learn the answer to the age-old question: Can men and women ever be just friends?

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                Hollywood Swinging  by Chicki Brown


                Newlywed author Shontae Nichols Burke is trying to adjust to her life in Hollywood as the wife of actor Devon Burke, one of the film industry’s brightest upcoming stars. She’s left her home and her friends and moved to Los Angeles.


                They both have blossoming careers.  She’s attending movie premieres and living a life she only dreamed of.


                Unknown to Shontae, someone else also believes Devon Burke is the love of her life. When this disturbed woman insinuates herself into their lives, Shontae learns that all Hollywood drama isn’t scripted and finds herself in a fight for her marriage that’s worthy of the big screen.

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                   “Local Boy Makes Good, Dies of Trying Soon After.”

                  Fearful of this epitaph, Gary Gray seeks to avoid career pressures by working as a temp. Unfortunately, Gary repeatedly gets into trouble by being too conscientious and outperforming the permanent employees. No matter how hard Gary tries to be a meek office worker, he can’t seem to stop himself from becoming a competitive threat to his co-workers and superiors. Meanwhile, Gary’s girlfriend is smart and beautiful, and he just might be able to hold onto her if he can stay employed and quit accidentally mooning her mom.

                  Gary runs afoul of a host of difficult characters in the workplace. Marge Meko is thoroughly incompetent, but she has “the goods” on the boss, so she easily gets away with blaming her errors on Gary. Marge’s boss, Steve, wants all problems swept under the rug before they become an inconvenience to his cushy position. Rae is a secretary with an overblown ego, intent on consolidating power by crushing all her perceived competitors. Gary is convinced that College President Burton is a mere figurehead, pulled from the ranks of the indigent and propped up by Rae, the power behind the throne. Through his trials Gary comes to the amazing revelation that it may actually be less painful to die trying than to live the “easy” life of the temp. 






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                    Black Diamond Death  



                    Enter the world of Sloane Monroe in Black Diamond Death...

                    A SKIER CRASHES

                    On the slopes of Park City, Utah’s newest ski resort a woman is found dead. At first glance, it has all the makings of an accident. The victim, Charlotte Halliwell, collided with a tree as she schussed her way to the bottom of the hill. But what if her death wasn’t an accident at all––what if she was murdered?

                    A SISTER IS ON A MISSION

                    In Black Diamond Death, Audrey Halliwell faces a problem: finding someone who believes her story.

                    Enter Private Investigator Sloane Monroe.

                    When Audrey marches into Sloane’s office with claims her sister’s death was no accident Sloane is skeptical at first, but agrees to take the case. With little to go on, she questions the people in Charlotte’s life and discovers Parker Stanton, a jilted ex-fiancé with plenty to hide, and as the son of a prominent businessman, he will go to any lengths to protect his secrets.

                    A SECOND BODY IS FOUND

                    Just as Sloane feels she's close to solving the case she stumbles on another dead body and is forced to re-examine the clues from the beginning, but she must tread lightly. With the killer aware that Sloane will stop at nothing to find him, her life is in danger and her every move is being tracked. Will Sloane uncover the truth before he strikes again?


                    • 22. RIVER DAWN

                      Meet 15 year old Alice Page. The world has changed, perhaps forever. Alice is on a terrifying journey of survival down a flooded river.

                      RIVER DAWN, a novel by Stephen Graff  

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                        This is an ancient treatise on the hosts of heaven - the heavenly army of angels - and their ways (“laws”). In less lofty, and more practical, terms, this work is a “field guide” to angels and, to some extent, “demons.” Like my prior work, The Ways of Metatron - a Book of Enoch, herein is the first published English edition of these materials, translated from the original 13th Century Hebrew and Aramaic.


                        The Laws of the Angels - Hilchot Malachim  

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                          Here are the horror novels and short stories I have available for the Nook:


                          The Wahl House Curse (available for $2.99 - Recently extensively revised)

                          Peter Corbin was in need of a change with his job as a realtor in a busy Michigan suburb. A chance to transfer to a small town in mid-Michigan seemed to be what he and his wife Sarah needed. They purchased an old house for a bargain price without much regard for the troubled past. This proved to be something he would soon regret. The restless ghosts quickly made their presence known. (about 59,000 words).


                          Heir to Winston Manor  (available for $0.99)

                          Tim Weir is stunned to learn that he is included in the will of his great uncle. Taking time off from work, he visits the large estate on the west coast of Michigan that he will inherit. Quickly realizing he may not be alone in the vacant house, Tim searches for an explanation for the restless spirits that remain in the house and to understand the true reason he inherited the manor. (about 44,000 words).


                          The Ghost of Birch River Cabin  (FREE short story)

                          Staying at a dark secluded cabin along the Birch River that his uncle owns seems like the perfect fly fishing weekend getaway for Paul. Are the strange occurrences a warning? Will it be enough to prevent the history of the cabin from being repeated? (A short story with about 5500 words).


                          Winter Visitor  (FREE short story)

                          Darren was awakened by a strange sound within his bedroom with a blizzard and subzero temperatures outside. He realized he was no longer alone in his room. Was someone or something after him? Will he be able to evade the visitor? (A short story - about 2000 words).


                          Slow Down  (FREE short story - Revisied edition coming soon)

                          A short horror story about an individual who drives carelessly and causes a tragedy. Will he change his ways before it is too late?


                          Thank you,


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                            Windows to the Soul  


                            College is a time of unbridled discovery, but some things were never meant to be disturbed ...


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                              Fallen Hopes, Taken Dreams  


                              Some stories stir our hearts; some stir our minds--and some stir our very souls 


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                                  1923  $1.19


                                  1923: A Memoir tells of a time and place when life, full of raw emotion, was never so real.


                                  To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Smith chronicles the tragic story of his early life in this first volume of his memoirs. He presents his family’s early history—their misfortunes and their experiences of enduring betrayal, inhumane poverty, infidelity, and abandonment. 

                                  1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure insured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Smith’s story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice. 

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