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    Is side load broken?

      I am having problems side loading on several nooks.  The issue comes when a CC number has been changed from the one that bought the book.


      Example: I bought a book using CC# 4235 and now I want to unlock it on another nook.  Said CC has been stolen and I no longer have the number.  I go into nook.com and change my CC # on file, deleting the old one.  I side load the book and now try to unlock it with the new CC number and it wont unlock.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  It is happening on several accounts, on several nooks, with several different CC numbers.


      Thanks!!!!  I can give more info if needed.

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          The unlock CC number is the one you downloaded the file with, not what is currently on the account. If you want them all the same you can archive the eBook, then sync and unarchive. That will change the decryption key to the new CC.