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    My Highlights and Notes glitch

      I've been annotating in a novel - Dracula - for English (this is my first time doing it on the Nook) and at first it was working well. I would leaves notes green and turn highlights yellow. Partially through the book, if I tried to turn the color of my highlight to yellow, whatever I put prior would switch, and the text I wanted to change would stay the same.


      Example: If I put a note on "Baxter's big puppy, Spot." and then after highlighted "Spot was big and brown," selected to turn the highlight about Spot yellow, Baxter's sentence would switch the color, but Spot would remain the same.


      I've back pages and experimented, and it worked normally, but anything ahead of the page where it started was glitching.


      Is this the novel or the app? Can I fix it? (I'd really rather not keep everything one color, if you know what I mean)