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    Nook HD won't turn on fully



      I have a nook hd that I bought new in february. I haven't had any issues with it (1 factory reset after the update for google play due to too many profiles). My battery completely drained and it shut off. I put it on the charger for close to 4 hours and now it won't do much of anything. I tried holding in the buttons (first power by itself, then power and the n button) when I do that the first screen shows up it just says nook but it has a ton of verticle lines through out the screen and won't go any further. After that point the screen goes black. There is no option for factory reset or anything. It just won't do anything. I know nothing happened to the screen nor any other part as it died in my hands and I put it on the charger on the counter and went to run some errands. I will be taking it to Barnes and Noble tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and if so if anything helped?