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      Yesterday (Monday) and today, are the worst sales on Pubit I've had since I first started selling my ebooks. I honestly haven't had sales this low since my first month on Pubit. 

      Is anyone else having this issue? I'm hoping it's a sitewide issue, not just something impacting me. 

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          In reply to previous complainer. I have 20 books published on Amazon, Apple and B & N. Amazon sales are much higher by sevral facors. My sales usually run about the same on Apple and B & N. Then sales on B & N just stops while the sales on the other publishers goes on. From Feb 19 to March 5 there were no sales on B &N. I wrote B & N and complained. Immediately my sales started again. They did something to their system. I don;'t think they are deliberately cheating by not recording sales. I think there is something wrong with their system. More people should complain so they will correct the problem. FMP

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            In response to both of the comments on this page, my B&N sales have dropped to next to nothing. They have never been great but so far in March, I've sold ONE copy of one of my books. I'm still selling 10-15 a day at Amazon. It's a good case for going over to the KDP Select program. I'm hoping B&N starts taking some action to help authors increase their visibility and sales.

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              i have had 8-12 sales daily every day since i started today is zero immpossible something is definitly wrong with system