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    Covers for deleted mags in my library. Cannot delete because mag issues all gone

      Over time I have purchased several magazines, read them, and deleted them from my Nook library but their covers or icons remain asking me if I want to read, resubscribe, etc.  It seems I cannot delete the covers/icons from the library because it (the library) can find no issues of these magazines which it apparently must do in order for a delete button to appear.  Why must my library be littered with the covers of deleted magazines?   I have followed all the deletion advice given in the various forums, but nothing works, and at least one poster has said that what I want to do cannot be done.  Is this true?


      I use Nook Simple Touch and Nook for PC and Nook for Android, but this is a library problem.  If I delete something from the library it shouldn't show on any device or software anyway after syncing.  Help.