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    Nook Video issue beware



      few days ago i bought Nook vid world war z and as soon as it appeared on my home screen i noticed there was no box art pic in the carousel just a blue box with the name of the movie...


      but wait.........................


      ALL of my videos in my library lost their pic, now just a bunch of blue boxes.


      BN recreated the problem on their end but, whatever....


      Anyone elso have this issue?


      Be warned: if you purchase a movie/rent, whatever, you will not be getting the pic you see in the shop on your device, but a generic blank blue box with the name of the movie, AND it will convert all your other pics (videos only) to blue boxes, beware.


      you may say, no big deal right, who cares about a pic? well, you gonna buy a new movie dvd without the box, or just a blank case !




      ALL your UV movies will transfer to your device without pics (boxart) and register/deregister/ no troubleshoot works.


      So if your ok now, DO NOT BUY/RENT ANYTHING it will destroy your library