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    Smashwords freebies worth considering


      There are so many freebies from Smashwords (almost 2000 here on B&N) that I don't bother listing them in my freebie lists. But some of them deserve a look. If you've read one that you really liked, tell us about it!


      Here are mine, along with my thoughts:



      Odd Whitefeather (short story) (Supernatural Thriller)


      Native American folklore provides the backdrop for this short thriller.


      5 stars despite some strange paragraph formatting in the version that I read.





      Soul Identity (Suspense Thriller)


      One of the most popular Smashwords freebies. Despite what you might think from the description, there really isn't any metaphysical stuff going on here. It's a security investigation with a lot of action. It'd make a great movie.


      4 stars because it took 70 pages to get its motor started. But once it got going, it got going. There's a sequel.






      Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog (Humorous Sci-Fi/Fantasy)


      About as wacky as the title suggests, which is pretty darned wacky for a post-apocalyptic setting.


      4 stars because the version that I read had some editing problems toward the end, especially with apostrophe abuse, and I thought that the denouement was too long.





      Tamar Black - Djinnx'd (Humorous Fantasy)


      A really fun story.


      4 stars was probably being generous because of the terrible editing in the version I read. But the story was good enough to compensate. There are sequels.





      Ledman Pickup (novella) (Sci-Fi)


      An interesting and somewhat humorous Sci-Fi novella about a package that got "lost" during shipping. Some packages are more important than others.


      4 stars because the version I read desperately needed editing.




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          Interesting story, with fairies and shapeshifters, oh my!  4 Stars.




          The Blood That Bonds






          Ignore the cover, it is horrible!  Great vampire story.  I can't wait for the sequel.  4, maybe 5






          The Guardians  






          Fallen angels both good and bad fighting over humanity.  Interesting read, not great, but good.  3 stars.




          What We Learned Along the Way 








          LOVED this book, 5 stars.  If you are a woman, it is a must read!

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            The Demon Girl  I rated these a 5.  Enjoy!

            The Unsuspecting Mage (Morcyth Saga Series #1)  

            The First Dragoneer   











            These I rated a 4

            Earth-Born Lord  Earth-Born Lord


            Black Silk  Black Silk

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              I want to resurrect this thread now (6/14/2011), as an additional site for the free nookbooks thread.  Many times they are not listed as there are so many smashword titles, some great (like Queen's Blade) and some extremely bad.  So maybe we can use this thread to share ideas on smashword freebies that are worth considreing...

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                Snake Skin  


                When it comes to “breathtakingly fast-paced thrillers” (Publishers Weekly), CJ Lyons is a “master of the genre.” (Pittsburgh Magazine)

                Just your average Pittsburgh soccer mom, baking brownies and carrying a loaded forty-caliber Glock…

                Lucille Teresa Guardino. A woman of many identities. Lucille to her doting mother, Lulu to her devoted husband, Mom to her pre-teen daughter, Lucy to her friends, LT to her co-workers, and Supervisory Special Agent Guardino to the criminals she captures for the FBI’s Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement squad.

                A loving mom and wife, dutiful daughter, consummate professional, and kick-ass federal agent, Lucy is living the perfect life.

                Until the day she comes up against a predator more vicious and cunning than any she’s ever tackled before, one who forces Lucy to choose between the life of the young victim she is fighting to save and her own daughter’s….and Lucy’s dream life is shattered.


                This was posted on another thread and someone suggested it be posted here to bump the thread!  So, here we are!

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                  I haven't read it yet but I just downloaded it. Reviews are very positive and it sounds good.

                  Desperate Times  


                  Jimmy Logan wakes up in the morning to find that the stock market is crashing and the dollar has collapsed. He makes a trip to town and finds the banks closed and hyperinflation has hit the streets. Many believe its the End of Times. Jimmy joins up with some friends and they head north to ride out the storm. That's when they find that everyone wants what they have, and will kill to get it.

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                    Another Smashwords title with great reviews

                    Face the Winter Naked  


                    Daniel Tomelin, a shell-shocked veteran haunted by the carnage of the First World War, abandons his family in the Great Depression and goes on the road in search of relief from his nightmares. The life of a freight-hopping, banjo-strumming hobo appeals to him more than he wants to admit. But he insists he's not a bum - he's a family man looking for work; a down-and-out victim of the Depression, whose war flashbacks and guilt for leaving his family accompany him through the hills of Missouri. Compassionate, humorous, and warm, despite the economic hardships of the era, Face the Winter Naked will appeal to readers who enjoy tales of survival in the Great Depression. Stories of desperate men who couldn't handle the realities of war or financial ruin. Men who dearly loved their families but hadn't the courage to stay and accept responsibility. The story pulls the reader back to a tragic period in history, where people either learned to cope with poverty - or perished. What they're saying about the book: "Face the Winter Naked is a gorgeously written and evocative novel of an earlier economic crisis: the Great Depression. Readers looking for a stunning read, intelligent and emotional on every level, will not be disappointed." ~~ Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of Crazy Beautiful and the The Education of Bet *** Face The Winter Naked is a poignant tale of a family's plight during the Great Depression. Plagued by traumatic memories of the...

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                      I can vouch for "Desperate Times"....I downloaded it and I was hooked on first page. Very believable scenario with our economy being what it is right now. It's also around 834 pages. I highly recommend!!

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                        I remember when I first learned about Desperate Times that there were also a variety of prequels or related freebies, each of which focused on a particular character or set of characters from Desperate Times.  You might try running a search for the author's name to see if you can find the others in the "series."

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                          I agree that Desperate Times is one of the most exciting and relevant books I've read in a long time.  What happens in that story could very well happen in reality.  The e-book is now $2.99 but such a great read that it's worth every penny and more.  If you haven't read it, download it before the price goes up, because it will. 

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                            Famous literary agent Jeff Kleinman, who infamously said he absolutely hates short stories recently called this free short short on Smashwords a "Great story."  That's noteworthy in and of itself.

                            • 12. Cloudburst: previously published, now on Smashwords

                              I haven't read this one, but it was previously published by a 'Big 6' publisher.




                              To get this one for free, you have to get it directly from Smashwords. Smashwords is an Agency Model publisher, so this title should become free here on B&N when they get the next Smashwords update.


                              Books on the Knob says this one was originally published by HarperCollins under the title Thunder One.


                              Description from Books on the Knob: (I don't know where Karen got this text)


                              In Los Angeles, the president is killed in a brazen terrorist suicide attack. Halfway across the globe, an American airliner is hijacked by another group of Middle Eastern extremists and forced to make a brief stop in Libya. Events that are first seen as unconnected soon are proven to be part of an interconnected plan to strike at the heart of the United States.


                              On opposite coasts, FBI Agent Art Jefferson and National Security Adviser Bud DiContino race to manage situations as they spiral toward disaster. With the hijacked airliner racing toward the United States, its cargo hold filled with what intelligence analysts believe is a nuclear weapon, the only hope for the passengers' lives comes in the form of an audacious rescue plan to be executed by the highly secretive Delta Force.


                              From its pulse-pounding opening to its action-packed climax, Cloudburst grabs you and will not let go. Ranging from the violent assassination of the President on the streets of Los Angeles to covert action against terrorist havens in North Africa, from the halls of power in Washington to a highjacked airliner racing toward the heart of the United States, Cloudburst takes the reader on a riveting journey as FBI agents and elite counterterrorist units fight a desperate battle to save millions of innocents, and bring those responsible to justice.


                              • 13. One O'Clock Jump: previously published, now on Smashwords

                                I haven't read this one, but it was previously published by a 'Big 6' publisher.


                                One O'clock Jump (Dorie Lennox Series #1)


                                To get this one for free, you have to get it directly from Smashwords. Smashwords is an Agency Model publisher, so this title should become free here on B&N when they get the next Smashwords update.


                                Books on the Knob says this one was originally published by Minotaur (now a Macmillan publisher).


                                Description from Books on the Knob: (I don't know where Karen got this text)


                                Halfway around the world, war has begun, but for Dorie Lennox, a newly-minted private eye on her first tail, danger is more immediate. The dark streets of Kansas City of 1939 offer swing music, fast cars, gangsters, and the chance to forget about the Depression and her own murky past. But first she must conquer her fears and save a woman on a bridge high above the muddy Missouri. Dorie is thrown into a quickly unraveling scam that offers salvation to few — and misery to plenty — in the high stakes world of machine politics and desperation deals.


                                The landscape of America and the homefront of World War II are evoked in a thoughtful mystery that lingers for the force of characters and keen sharpness of a slice of history seen through the perceptive, compassionate eyes of Dorie Lennox.


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                                  Sudden Death (endorsed by James Patterson & Clive Cussler)


                                  Reid Clark - a pro golfer at the top of the leader board during the PGA tour; he is also a hothead with a reputation for trouble. Reid receives a death threat right before teeing off on the final day of the Master's Tournament, and hires a P.I. to track down the perpetrator. Suspense builds throughout as Reid tries to compete in one of golf s most prestigious contests - and woo the woman he loves.


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