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    Factory Reset...totally worth doing

      My HD= had become sluggish, and crashed often.

      Checking email, surfing and just overall performance had become a chore...and forget watching anything on youtube.

      I was not loving my nook anymore.

      Desperate to get back to using my nook as I have for well over a year, I mustered up the courage to do a factory reset.

      I was concerned about what all would be "lost" (everything sideloaded is available to reload from my desktop), and what a pain it might be to get set up again with my music and passwords etc.


      Yes, it took me about an hour to get all music reloaded from the Amazon mp3 app back into Google music app, but restoring my web stuff was a since since I have a Google account..it was all still there after logging in.  


      I lost my calendar info and my notes info. that were independent to those specific apps, but no biggie really. (i will be using Google calendar from now on...)


      long story short....

      my nook hd+ is humming along again BEAUTIFULLY!!

      Pops up web pages in a flash...loads video quickly and deletes emails immediately upon request.


      So, the factory reset was the cure for my sickly nook....

      You might want to give it a try if yours is sluggish.

      Remember to save as much sideloaded info. as you can to your sd card, and backup apps to the card too if you can. (i noticed my calendar app has that option..whish i had noticed that before I reset! ,lol)


      just thought it was worth sharing..It worked great for me!


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          Good Advice CharFL..


          The advice applies to devices, desktop PC, laptop, etc. 


          btw just curious

          quote: CharFL said:  "Desperate to get back to using my nook as I have for well over a year, I mustered up the courage to do a factory reset".


          You owned an HD+ for well over a year, I thought they were released in Oct or early Nov. of last year?

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            Should this be done routinely?  I'm on my third devise - to be honest I upgraded from very first version to HD and no posses my second HD - it keeps locking once I power up at 99%. Remembered solution from second devise and just took about 45 minutes to get everything back - don't know how long it will last - I love this thing but if this happens again will move on to something else