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    NOOK for Android v2.6.1 Now Available!

      We've updated NOOK for Android (v2.6.1), bringing the most comprehensive selection of digital periodicals to customers with Android™ tablets including more than 140 top magazine and newspaper brands from ESPN The Magazine and The Economist to Food & Wine and Us Weekly. To take advantage of large and extra large, high-resolution Android tablet screens, NOOK for Android now offers customers an optimized library grid view and reading experience with enhanced book margins and line spacing, as well as an improved shopping experience and more. The new app features are available for popular 7-inch and larger tablets using Android OS 2.1 and higher (Honeycomb).  NOOK for Android customers on smartphones will also enjoy minor performance enhancements.


      Barnes & Noble’s interactive NOOK Magazine™ experience, previously available only to NOOK Color™ Reader’s Tablet™ customers, is now available to the Android tablet community, featuring more than 120 popular titles such as Esquire, Maxim, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Popular Science, PC Magazine, Elle, O, The Oprah Magazine, Travel + Leisure and many more. NOOK for Android customers with large tablets can also enjoy favorite NOOK Newspapers™ including USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. All can be enjoyed with a 14-day free trial, via subscription or purchased in single issue form.


      With NOOK for Android on larger tablets, magazine reading is easy and engaging with full-color pages in landscape and portrait mode, and Barnes & Noble’s exclusive ArticleView technology (formerly available only on NOOK Color) which features only the article’s text, customized to the reader’s favorite style, on a central panel on the display. NOOK Magazines also feature a universal, easy-to-use reading experience with a slider to jump to the desired page, pinch and zoom to enlarge images and more. 


      More information is available at www.bn.com/NOOKforandroid or download the new version from Android Market, V CAST Apps from Verizon Wireless, Samsung Apps, GetJar, or AppsLib.

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          Thanks for the info Nook_Engineer!  I am going to get the update for my Xoom later today when I get access to Wifi. :smileyhappy:  I am also going to hope that it doesn't force close on me when I hit the back arrow at the bottom of my screen.



            • Magasine order and Nook 2.6?

              I updated last night and would like to say that on my Xoom Wifi that it is working wonderfully for now.  The magasines when I look at that have multiple issues, it is hard to tell which issue is which.  The month of the magasines should be a little bit larger so it is easier to tell when looking at a backlogue of issues.  I am wanting to let you know that i am viewing my Xoom horizontally, which is the way things look best on it.



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              Thanks for adding magazine subscriptions!  I promptly signed up...


              Of course, I have some feedback; is this the right forum?


              I'm running your app on a Nook Color running last night's CM7 nightly build (#75) with LCD density at the default 161 (which might matter for the UI issues).


              First, the good stuff: thanks for narrowing the margins; I have mine set to minimum and the earlier app left them too large.


              Here goes:


              The smaller UI elements are hard to hit and give no visual feedback; I frequently find myself in a catagory other than the one I thought I had selected.  I have to poke at the "Go to Shop", help, settings, and search several times before they work.  Ah, the settings gear does turn red, but I have to move my finger away quickly to see it.


              I had to exit and re-enter the app to get my new subscription to show up so I could download it.

              I tried the update button, but I'm not sure I ever actually hit it.


              Navigation within a magazine needs help, but I suspect you know that, since the Contents menu item says under construction.


              The app's brightness setting appears to be fighting with the system's brightness; it doesn't seem to get set when re-entering the app (not dealt with in onStart() or onResume(), at a guess).


              I'd prefer that the uneven vertical space generated by rendering the page be at the top, rather than the bottom, so that the page header (title page n or m) isn't crowded.


              If you need beta-testers, I'm more than willing.




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                I too have had some issues with the Android app.


                If I purchase a book on my nookcolor, it will not appear on my android phone to download. 


                If I were to try to purchase it again on my phone it won't let me because I have already purchased it. 


                If I purchase a new book from my phone, all is well with the phone and my nookcolor, but it will not appear in any other Android device with the app installed. (I have an Android tablet that I also use when I am traveling.)


                All of my archived items do not show in the app.


                The app controls do not repond well and do not have good feedback.

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                  I've been having some issues with this version. First, I have not yet been able to find the nook for Android app on appslib yet, which forced me to use getjar instead to download the app. I am trying to use the nook app on an archos 7 tablet. While the ap seems to install, i have not yet been able to successfully open any title in my library. It makes the attempt, but then goes right back to the shelf page. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
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                    Does the new version have the ability to change background/text colors to make reading easier on the eyes than plain black on white?

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                      I have been enjoying this new version on my Notion Ink Adam. Truly like the 2 page reading layout. However, I need shelves to organize my books. Thought? Thanks, Tom
                      • DO NOT INSTALL NOOK ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE!!!!

                        To all android users...


                        DO NOT INSTALL NOOK ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE!!!!


                        It's spyware designed to gather your personal information while preventing itself from bein uninstalled or have the permissions turned off.


                        DO NOT INSTALL NOOK ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE!!!!

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                          If you are the moderator of this forum, where have you been since May, 2011?


                          A lot of us would like to know why the new iPad app decides to quit, lock up, and require a total System Preferences restart with deregistration and reregistration to get going again.


                          Also, why is the Delete function treated differently in every app?


                          Hello????  Is anyone home????

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                              I wish so much I could go back to 2.6.1 -- it worked great on my phone.  It significantly enhanced the overall Nook experience.  I used it on my Android G2 phone -- and had no issues with it.


                              Version 2.7 is horrible.  I have given up on it.  I use Kindle my on Android phone now -- and instead of going back and forth with the same book as did before -- I just have 2 books going on -- one for my standard Nook and one for my phone.


                              I don't understand why B&N decided to ruin the Nook for Andorid app for phone users.


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                              I tried updating my Nook for Android app for the HTC EVO, and I repeatedly got the message: "Attention - A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." I then uninistalled the app to attempt to reinstall, and I am getting that same error. Please help.

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                                I find the newest version of the app slightly annoying. Ever since I downloaded the new app, it seems to freeze up once every day or two, and the only way I can get it to start responding again is to reboot the device. Granted, it's an annoyance I can live with, but it's still an annoyance - especially I didn't have to do that with the previous version.