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    Tech Support

      I have never been one to knock tech support, but seriously this farming out is NOT GOOD.


      Bad enough is the language barrier, but for the love of cream cheese....techs don't even know about the nook color!! I am sorry a *soft reset* is NOT the answer to everything!


      I called to ask about use while charging and her answer was *uhh, let's do a soft reset*



      So I can either run to my BN store and ask there or live with the fact that I can't open the dang thing while charging, and if I can it takes about 35 swipes.

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          Have you tried adding the antiglare screen cover? There is some anecdotal evidence, as posted on other threads, that it solves the oversensitive screen issues, and perhaps the issues of use while charging.

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            I have been less than impressed with the Tech Support folk everytime I have called...they seem pretty clueless.  The last time I called (after pressing the correct number for the nook color in the menu as well as telling him that I was using a nook color first thing) the tech kept telling me to click on the bottom screen...I was totally lost until I realized he was trying to give me suppoprt for the nook classic that has two screens...

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              A small percentage of technical support is being outsourced to the Philippines for economic efficiencies.

              Also, Barnes & Noble is very much committed to U.S. jobs.  We employ over 45,000 booksellers in the U.S.   Our New Jersey Call Center employs more than 100 customer care professionals and we use additional domestic services employing more than 500 support representatives.

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                I've only had to call CS once thus far for a billing issue.  It went smoothly.  Ugh, I hope I don't have to call anymore with the bad luck everyone else seems to be having with them.

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                  Say hey to "Peggy" huh!?


                  I quit calling and opted for chat room. I don't have the language barrier as far as thick accents go, but the techie chatting with me is OBVIOUSLY reading from the users manual and then replying. How do I know you ask? because I had just gone through the user manual before contacting them. It was quote/unquote straight from the book. When I called him/her on it, they signed off.


                  Never had a problem solved by contacting techies. Also B&Ns website in general sucks. It took me 15 minutes of hitting reply, signing out and then back in, closing browser etc. before I was actually able to reply on this board (any board really, just the first time here). and on my NOOK Color, it gives me a textbox, but no keyboard, or visa/versa.


                  Damn! Wish they send "Peggy" to techie school, or at least give "her" a Nook to learn how to use it.

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                    BellasMomma wrote:

                    on my NOOK Color, it gives me a textbox, but no keyboard, or visa/versa.


                    FWIW: On your Nookcolor browser, let the "reply" page load COMPLETELY, then hit the "HTML" button above the textbox. Then, tap in the textbox to bring up the keyboard...hope that helps! ;0)