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    2.1 Upgrade - can no longer read comics

      This is just great. I have 64GB of comics (CBZ files) on a microSD card that

      I was just reading this morning. I then upgraded to firmware 2.1 and not I

      get a "DRP Reader Failed" error message when I try to open them. Did

      no one on the QA team ever think to try to open a comic BEFORE the

      software was released?


      One of the MAIN reasons I bought his thing was to read comics. Now what?

      Buy an iPad?


      If you read comics do NOT apply this upgrade until (and if) B&N fixes this

      rather sever error.

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          What is DRP Reader.


          Can you not find a comic book reading app in the Google Play Store. Out of 700K apps there must be at least a few.

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            I use it to read magazines I zipped up and then changed the ectension to cbz. I hope the fix also makes the compressed rar files with cbr extension. Would be nice. It is a bummer they screwed up the "fix".


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              What gets me is that QA "should" have at LEAST been given a LIST of file formats that the Nook can handle and then attempted to open each one before the software update went live. This is what I would call a bare minimum test. BTW - I have been using Perfect Viewer and it is about the best of about 5 that I have tried. Of course it's not Full Screen like the default reader "WAS" but hey, at least one can read comics. Also - one more thing. This piece of info GREATLY opened up my comic reading experience on the Nook and should be more common knowledge that what it is. The CBZ container can have MULTIPLE comic folders inside of it - not just a single one. I have 1GB files FULL of series and I don't have to go looking for the next comic in the series for weeks. When you finish one you'll move to the next folder in the container. I'm sure the CBR format is the same. So throw multiple folders into the CBZ - whatever makes sense to you - sit back and enjoy reading for months without having to find another one. I dropped from almost 2,000 separate files that were "Books" down to < 100, making my Books List MUCH easier to navigate and search.