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    Constant Syncing & Browser Crashing


      I was browsing the forums and ran across post about shortened battery life since the last update and it made me notice that my nook HD+ is syncing my library approximately once every minute and syncing 2 or three other things every 3 minutes(it goes by so fast I can't tell what its doing).


      Sometimes while it is doing its syncing thing my browser will just crash back to the  home screen for my Nook. It does this on both my Chrome and Dolphin browser. If I'm on the internet I have noticed a very shortened battery life from when I first bought my Nook a few months back. If I'm just reading books through Overdrive battery life is still very good.


      I do put it in airplane mode whenever I am just reading or before I turn the screen off and can get 3 to 4 days while just using it for reading so I know my battery is still good.


      I know I can turn off all my background syncing but that would defeat the purpose of why it syncs in the first place. Is there a way to specify the duration of when it syncs its data since 1 to 3 minutes is what I would consider excessive. Maybe that is why people are getting crappy battery life on their Nooks now?



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          I am having the same issue. My Nook is constantly syncing. It used to sync around midnight each night but a few weeks ago started syncing over and over again. My web browser closes and I will get a message that it is loading my data. Sometimes my browser will come back up, other times I have to open it again, and often my tablet will shut down and restart. I have not added any new apps or programs in months. The only thing changing on my device is the weekly magazine subscription additions and the new book purchases.
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            I haven't had the battery issues because I have a dock for it that I put it on each night, but the constant syncing, and now the constant browser crashing. This is on top of a lot of other poor performance issues that is making it so I don't even want to use it anymore. It's frustrating that I have a $$$ item that was supposed to give me a good tool to read, watch video, read email, Facebook and surf the web. All of these things have become difficult to do. I'm not asking for the performance of a high end laptop, but I'd like to not have to wait 5 minutes to open a browser, website, email, or a book. I loved this thing and was so happy with it last November when I took hard earned dollars and treated myself to a gift. Now, not so much. I hoping there's another update around the corner that will make this a useable tool again.