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    No Chrome Home Page / All bookmarks lost

      the chrome browser that you Must use with the 2.1.0 upgrade has no way to designate a home page.  The help pages appear to have been written for some other version of Chrome, but they are NOT for the Nook HD version of chrome.  Help refers to a "toolbar" that you can use to designate the home page.  There is no such toolbar. 


      It is true that after you first upgrade and open Chriome, it indicates that you should import bookmarks before you sign into Chrome for the first time.  There is nowhere to import from.  Again, these instructinos don't seem to be helpful for the Nook version of Chrome.  If you touch the 3 little squares at the upper right hand corner of the chrome browser, one option it gives is "Other devices".  the info that show from this choice, seems to indicate that I can import bookmarks from other devices.  I have not been able to try this yet............we'll see. 


      "Help" also says at the bottom of "known Issues", that I can go to Menu>Settings>Report and Issue.  to report issues not show in the known issues list.  Well, there is no such option in the Nook Chrome browser.  Again, this instruction seems to have been written for another versionm of the Chrome Browser.  


      I hope we get some fixes soon. 

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          To import your prior nook bookmarks into chrome, you tap on the three squares in the right hand corner, then tap on settings. Then tap on the 3 squares again to access the import bookmarks option (from either other chrome devices or from the HD. You do not have to import before signing into chrome for the first time. When you select the import option, you may receive an error message, but then if you check under the bookmarks tab, most of your bookmarks should have been imported.


          Although you can't designate a page as your browser home screen, you can designate one to add to your HD home page. Just tap and hold on a bookmark, designate it to add to your home page, then go to your Nook Home page, and access it through the widget option..

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            I use Chrome on my Wind 7 machine and have a lot of book marks. The HD+ version does not seem to want to import my laptop chrome book marks. I have both the HD+ and laoptop logged into the same Google account. Any ideas?