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    Nook HD+ freezing at 99%

      I've had my Nook HD+ for 8 months. Every month or so sometimes apparentely during a software update it freezes at the screen 99% and won't do anything else. It just locks up and lingers at the gray screen with 99% showing.  I have taken it into the store each time and they always end up having to do a factory reboot and I lose all my settings and basically have to start my Nook from scratch. I love using the Nook but its getting to the point I wish I had bought something else. HAs anyone else had this problem or have any suggestion for me to do at home to fix it?

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          We are experiencing the same problem here. It just started this weekend. We've had the Nook since November of last year.

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            We would love any suggestions as well. We got our Nook HD+ for Christmas and haven't had any trouble until today. The tablet worked fine last night and now it freezes at 99%. Is there a problem with an update? BN's solution is a factory reset which I think is ridiculous.


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              I have owned my NOOK for four months and I nwo have to deregister and then register every 10 days. I am getting used to it and it take me approximately 45 minutes to register and add back my applications. This problem appears to happens after I turn the Nook back on from Power Off rather than leaving it in sleep. Also I do not recall this problem until after I chose the option to of turning my NOOK unto password protected mode.

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                This happened to me too. I took my Nook back to the store and they did what they called a "hard restart" which involved killing everything and totally re-booting my entire set-up. I was pretty angry about the whole thing, because the darn thing was only a couple of weeks old.  The lady who worked with me was a pro, and I have to give her credit. She didn't try to BS her way through it - she just said that this happens occasionally, apologized, and fixed the problem, including completely reloading everything, plus working with me for an hour on some things that I didn't understand. I've had no problems since then.

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                    Thank you all for the advice. 


                    I had decided yesterday evening that I had to mail my Nook back to the factory, emailed B&N for info on how to do that, and removed my SD card (I think that's what its called) and was monkeying around with it when it started up.  Like above, I had to start fresh and download everything, but that was no big deal to not having my Nook HD+ for a few weeks.