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    Book Club Restarting This Fall. Who Has Suggestions

      Summer is almost over. And that means my book club will be starting up again. We disband in the summer, which I'm sure a lot of groups must do. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for good fiction. We like to argue. We like serious issues and funny books. Anthing fit the bill for you this summer?

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          I think The King of Pain, which was a featured nook book, is a great book group title. I loved it and at $2.99 your group will love you, as long as they don't mind some (well, a lot of) bad language and some painful scenes. Is the main character, who is stuck under his home entertainment system for an entire weekend horrible or loveable? (I thought he was hilarious). Is his reality TV show about torture possible? Is it exploitative?  It's also a book-within-a-book. The trapped anti-hero reads a book called A History of Prisons. And each of these stories -- a man running a stockade in Africa, a woman in a Chinese prison who receives a strange gift, a death in Guantanmo bay,  a sci-fi romance -- are all worth debate both as stand alone stories and as to how they relate to the main "novel."

          I don't know of another book like this.