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    Nook hd - can I have the device back I bought ?

      Iie can I have a device without all that google crap and  a google browser I didnt chose to install  nor want to use. Also can you stop forcing up dates on me with this garbage I do not want.


      If not  can I have my money back Ias I consider you have changed it so much from the device I researched and bought you have rendered it unfit for  purpose.

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          You can probably do a factory reset and then keep wifi off so it doesn't update. You might be able to find a script somewhere that you can run from an SD card to keep it from updating if you do an internet search or check the XDA forums.
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            Sorry to hear. I believe you can change your browser if you desire. I have use dolphin, mozilla and now using chrome and so far really like it. I went into settings and turned off all the sync's to avoid many updates, etc. There are a lot of options you can control so don't give up on it yet as I am still finding out new things all the time. Good luck..
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              Maybue it's just my HD but I just updated today, after nearly a month. My Nook asked if I wanted to update and I kept saying no. It wasn't intrusive, it was in my settings with a little pop up bubble on the top of my screen. I just said no or ignored it. It didn't demand that I upgrade. None of my Android devices demand that I update, they always ask unless I have it checked for auto update. I think the OP was looking for something to growl about since his complaints could be fixed. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 and a Galaxy Note 8.0 and my husband has a ASUS Transformer tablet, but we read on our Nook HD's. I love the little thing.