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        Froide - an email went out. Not sure how much more one can legitimately ask for. And there WAS a message on Wednesday, when the forums were read-only, that they were down for forum migration.


        If you still have complaints, you'll need to share them with Alex. I don't work for B&N and can't do anything to change their policies.


        @keriflur - I acknowledge your point of view about BN's handling of the transition to Community 2.0, which differs from mine, and am fine agreeing to disagree. My posts in this thread are neither seeking your reply nor any action on your part (though, of course, I acknowledge you're free to respond - or not - to my posts, as you see fit). I'm sorry I didn't make the more apparent earlier. Rather, my only reason for posting in this thread is to voice my contrasting viewpoint to @Alex_Garcia (and BN), in situ.


        @Alex_Garcia (and BN) - Do you read me?  From here on, this post is directed to you (as was my upstream post). I've structured this one as a counterpoint to those of Keriflur, with whom I respectfully disagree.


        Keriflur's indicates she deems BN's communications about the transition to Community 2.0 sufficient.  I interpret as evidence to the contrary the multiple inquiries and complaints posted by a variety of  people, indicating they were unclear about what was happening. Those above-mentioned posts of inquiry and complaint reflect that, unlike Keriflur:

        • Not everyone either received or read the announcement email
        • Not everyone either knew or remembered Alex had announced last year that this was coming
        • Not everyone either saw or read the notices Keriflur said were placed within the Community to explain what was happening


        BN should have anticipated the points above and taken steps to make the transition smoother for even the least informed Community visitors by doing what I think should have been a no-brainer: posting the notice as a header visible on every Community page. Rationale:

        • Any and all Community visitors (whether registered or not) would have seen what was going on, w/o having to read an email or a specific Community page
        • No matter what page one visited, s/he would have seen that announcement and understood what was happening


        The minimal effort required to effect that suggestion would have yielded a big bang for the buck and avoided causing what some posters have described as feeling lost, confused, frustrated, or perturbed. Granted, BN can't please all of the people all of the time, but the company needs to do a better job communicating with and serving the NOOK Community than it does currently.

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          I know people have said an email went out, but apparently many of us did not get one.


          I don't think a good enough job was done letting people know about the change ahead of time. Even if a message was posted on Wednesday, many people don't visit the forums every day. It should have been posted for *at least* a week before the change went live. And people should have been notified their personal info was going to be made public *before* it went live, so they would have an opportunity to change it immediately.

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            nlstein wrote:


            IF I wanted to stop using the forum because I don't want everyone seeing my personal information, can anyone tell me how I would go about closing my account and removing my information?




            I hope someone will  tell you how, because I can't figure out a way to do that. I can see a way to change my privacy settings but there doesn't seem to be any way to delete one's account.

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              I  ant to re-iterate my original request (I hope it is possible to resolve):


              I would like to see navigation links like this one All Places > NOOK CentralDiscussions that appears at the top of a discussion thread also appear at the bottom.


              When a thread becomes very long, as this one has. It is a PIA to have to scroll back to the top of the page to move to another thread. Unless of course there is a navigation trick that I am missing.


              I'm getting used to reading in threaded rather than flat mode, not sure if I like it better or not yet.


              As I learn more I am finding it easier to navigate.


              Still need a way to mark all threads in a "Place" (I think it's called) as read. Also all posts in a discussion thread as read.

              Or have I missed that reply?

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                This is a cleaner look.  Not sure I like it but I found a lot of the prior interface irritating so I'll give this a go before complaining.

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                  LarryOnLI wrote:


                  ... When a thread becomes very long, as this one has. It is a PIA to have to scroll back to the top of the page to move to another thread....


                  Further, at the top of the beginning of the thread is a link to the "last reply", instead of the "first unread".


                  Apparently your "home" page keeps tract of unread stuff.

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                    I find it rather interesting that when if I sign in to the forum, it appears to lose my BN sign in.  It doesn't really lose it as I can click on My Account and get my account details just fine but the top banner says "Sign In" instead of the usual "Welcome, XXXXX (sign out)" after I click on "Nook Support Forum" under the Nook drop-down.

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                      This applies to the older forums as well but I am really tired of how forums and things have boosted the white space on the sides.  Some idiot decided several years ago that all CSS should be default to people reading on phones or tablets and I really hate it.  I hated it when eBay shifted their user interface this way nearly seven years ago, I hate it now.  I bought wide-screen laptops and monitors for a reason and it wasn't to waste 1/3 of the display space on white space borders.

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                        Some things that REALLY need to to be added to this forum:


                        -Ability to add a book product link ! (ahem, this is a book-related website)


                        -... or at least an easy way to add an image (the feature is currently disabled)


                        -Ability to jump to the last UNREAD post (you can jump to the last post in a thread)

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                          You can add a book product link - just copy the Web address and paste it in. It links automatically as the name of the book, isbn, etc.

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                            umm, not exactly. It places a hyperlink, but it does not add the image  itself. (There's a feature to place an image that has been disabled). The previous forum software allowed actually adding an image within the post.

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                              Alex Garcia wrote:


                              @keriflur - I think you and I are the only one's seeing it. I've adjusted so that names are private to a user - logging out and viewing as a "guest" I only see your username. So long as the privacy setting is set to you under your name, you'll be fine.

                              Why in God's name would BN's forum software show me by default something different than what I want the rest of the world to see?  I was annoyed and somewhat confused to see my posts under my name rather than my username.  Hovering over my avatar shows my name and e-mail address -- fine, the default is now set to where only I see that but I already know my name and email address and it's confusing because the initial presumption is that EVERYONE hovering over your avatar will see the same.


                              Privacy is a real issue, particularly on electronic bulletin boards, and I will just stop using them if use means exposing my name and e-mail address to any random reader.

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                                On a forum that allows both embedded images and links, there is an upside and downside to both:


                                1. The advantage of embedding an image, is that the image is stored on the forum server.  Thus, it can be pre-screened and thus monitored (prevent spam/porn/etc).  The disadvantage is that images take up space on the forum server.
                                2. It's virtually impossible to screen images when they are in links.  The linked-to site hosting the image can change it at any time, making screening useless.  However, the advantage is that the images don't take up space on the server.


                                Lithium (the previous B&N forum software) implemented solution #1, and subsequently went to pre-screening.  Given that history, I'm surprised that they've gone to solution #2.  I predict they will regret it (regardless of whether or not the feature is abused).

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                                  Thus, it can be pre-screened and thus monitored (prevent spam/porn/etc).



                                  But what about really offensive content?

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                                    I cannot stop watching that video.

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