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    The new approach


      As a support channel for B&N, this new system makes sense. It's very focused on collaboration: asking questions and (optionally and presumably disabled) coming to group decisions.  There's a lot of focus on "groups" (departments). There are features for calendar events and taskers, as well as tracking "metrics" for groups and individuals. This is now a place where I'd come to ask a specific support question (which I rarely do) rather than see what a group of like-minded folk are discussing or who I might be able to help. Perhaps that's what B&N wants, and that would make sense. I'm sure they'd just as soon not discuss other products or B&N negatives.


      As a basis for a thriving community exploring a number of tangentially-related issues, I think this fails. It focuses my attention on a limited number of groups and individuals rather than topics. I'm less likely to stumble into the odd interesting discussion in a clique I'm  not part of. As @DeanGibson mentions, this is a lot more Facebook-like, focused on egos and "me and my crowd" and "followers". A cheerful "have a nice day" from people just like me, rather than a meaningful discussion or learning something new. This may just be an age/expectation thing. I want communities with open discussion. The new "social" trend seems more focused on cliques and like-minded virtual friends. UseNet was a lot more meaningful than this.


      Gee, am I popular enough? You thought Kudos were annoying...


      The best part of the old B&N forum was the amusingly unexpected turns it took, and the evolution that occurred outside B&N control. It was a lively place, sometimes for the worse, but usually in a good way.


      I don't think this will be one of the watering holes I'll frequent as often as before.

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          I'm not convinced it makes sense. Anything that's not intuitive discourages questions, conversation, and support. A new user that's coming here with a specific question can easily ask it, sure, but will they know where to look to see if anyone has answered? And how will all of us see it to be able to answer it? And will we even be here to do so?


          Right now, we've got a core group of folks that hang out and chat, talk about publishing, bookselling, and ebook news, and when a question comes in that we can answer, we do. But if the chatting and news-discussing goes away, the impetus to spend time here does also.


          So unless B&N is planning to staff the site with nook experts, I'm not sure this even works for folks coming to ask specific questions.


          As far as the social aspect goes - I think Alex is still working on building out the site, and clearing out the things that don't apply. So some of that may go away, and other things will be made to work like kudos and such. It may all come together if we're patient. Or it may not - but I'm trying to be optimistic about it.

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            But could we imbed inline YouTube videos using Lithium?



            And then there is the "More Like This" list in the right margin, consisting of old threads (the one about "why no lending" is over two years old.


            Recommending two-year-old threads is NOT what I am looking for.


            So, the (unanswerable) question is, how much did B&N pay for this collaboration software (and/or ongoing service)?

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                Dean Gibson wrote:


                But could we imbed inline YouTube videos using Lithium?



                I enjoy that ability on one of my other wateringhole fora -- and I can imagine the hackles this would raise with The-Former-User-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named given his/her reaction to cat JPEGs ...

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                I agree, getting a question asked is easy, but the home page has become a mess of posts.  I like a lot of the new features here, but having a page that mimics the old main page of the old forums would be most welcome.


                I know Alex is still tweaking things.  I just don't know how much of that is going to be an organizational overhaul.

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                  I "Liked" your post.