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    Can I disable the reporting of my reading habits?

      I am inquriing if there is a way to disable the "NookAnalytics" on the Windows8 reader, particularly with regard to imported titles.

      This reporting appears to go to Barnes and Noble cloud services, and gives information like:

      <timestamp> EpubRmsdkReader product_closed {"ean":"Some Naughty Title","current_position":"3","doc_type":"NOOKbook","font_size":"unknown","font_type":"unknown"}
      <timestamp> EpubRmsdkReader page_turned {"ean":"Some Naughty Title","method":"unknown","pages_turned":"1","new_position":"3"}


      Where "Some naughty title" is an imported 3rd party EPUB.


      So, you seem to be tracking not only what books I read, but how long I spend on each page.   I find this a tad too much. 


      Since your client APP sends this information to bncs.barnesandnoble.com, it is difficult to block it while still allowing the app to function.