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    Nook HD+ does not support Minecraft PE Multiplayer?  Please help

      We bought a nook for our son for his birthday and while he can do most things (read books, internet, netflix) fine on it, one of his main hobbies right now is Minecraft.  I know next to nothing about Minecraft so forgive me if I state this wrong, but when he plays minecraft, he is able to join other players worlds, but they cannot join his worlds. 


      Here is what we know:

      All the devices are the same version of minecraft (7.2)

      We are all on the same wifi connection

      His "multiplayer server visibility" (or whatever that switch in minecraft is called) is on

      He can join all his friends "worlds" that come to our house, but they cannot join his


      Here is what we have tried:

      Updating to latest nook software

      uninstalling and reinstalling minecraft

      toggling that multiplayer visibility switch on and off several times


      Nothing works so far. Other forums have said it is an OS problem and there is no fix. Although we're mostly happy witht he nook hd+, if there is no fix for this, we will probably return it. 


      If anyone has any ideas, please help.