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    Calibre help.

      First, I want to say thank you for all the help I've received on here in the past! For the most part, this is a fantastic forum :smileyhappy: Thanks to all the nice knowledgable people on here that point us lost souls in the right direction, I now have Calibre Companion on my Nook HD and LOVE it! I was hoping some of you Calibre experts might be able to help with my dilemma. I apologize in advance if it's confusing. I tend to ramble and repeat things a lot :smileywink: What I want: To be able to run the SAME Calibre library on 2 separate computers at the same time (a PC and a Macbook), to have them sync to each other but use my macbook for all calibre things and use the hubby's PC only to have a 24/7 connection to content server. Hopefully this makes sense. I currently use my Macbook for my Calibre library and want to have access to my library on the home PC so that I can have the PC online 24/7 and have access to my content server whenever I'm out and about with my Nook or my iPad (I never seem to have access when I need and want it). I would ONLY use my Macbook to make changes in the library and ONLY want my library on the PC so it has a continuous Internet connection for the content server. I've been researching and reading like crazy and I found a way that this can be done by using Dropbox (or other file hosting/synching services) but the fact that Calibre can not be run on two computers at the same time without causing serious problems is a issue...This kind of negates the purpose for me since I want one computer (PC) running for the option of being hooked up online nonstop and for it to sync/update from my main computer (Macbook) where I will be adding, editing, deleting, sharing, etc. Does anyone know if Calibre has had an upgrade since 2011 (threads with Dropbox info I found were from '11) that would allow two computers to run the same library at the same time now? If not, will that ever be possible if it was not originally designed that way? Again, I would NOT use the PC library for anything other than an ongoing Internet connection to the content server. It would stay open 24/7 but minimized and not used. What is the safest/easiest and most feasible way I can and should do this? As I'm sure you've all ready realized, I am in no way an expert when it comes to computers but I also have issues when it comes to reading directions unless they are basic and direct (I have Aspergers) so if you are able to help, please remember, basic and direct :smileywink: Thank you! Brittany
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          Success!!! I figured it out by creating an app, using Automator and RSync to backup my calibre library into my Dropbox folder. I then set up an ICal event to automatically run the app 3 times a day, thus backing up my Calibre library from my MacBook into Dropbox which my PC Calibre then uses as it's own library. Since the PC is online at all times, I set it up to be my online content server. Hopefully this thread will end up helping someone else :smileywink: -B.
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            Do you really need access to calibre that much?  I guess you would if you are using Calibre as a news aggregator?  I use calibre mainly for creating covers and fixing publications, I many public domain ebooks.  However I like to have access to my PC which is always on.  I have a ton of music, other media, etc.  I also I do not want my content stored on a online cloud, (I like my privacy).


            I use Tonido, it works with PC or Mac, it syncs and is an awesome app for the Nook HD/HD+, also my android phone.  If I am out at the pool and want to stream music from my PC, it is super easy with Tonido.  I will say the media player is very basic, but it works.


            Check it out.